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Ilan Rubens




Phantasy & Harry Shotta Tell Us About Mic Masters

A new platform shining a spotlight on vocalists across the drum and bass scene

MC Tali Releases Self-Produced D&B Album ‘Future Dwellers’

Tali talks about her new album - A project which spanned three years and several lockdowns

Dpart Tells Critics To ‘Say Nada’

Dpart swaps scenes to launch his career in drum & bass

Guzi Rebrands His ‘GZ Audio’ Label

Guzi talks about all his musical aspects, and what he’s got cooking from the GZ Audio label

Exclusive Interview With The Wizards of Aus

Viper Recordings is showcasing the Australian D&B scenes best and brightest with a four-track EP

Grafix Chats About Half Life & His Album Launch Party

"The concept of the album was to create a collection of sounds that solidify the Grafix sound"

Hadley Has Big Plans For 2022

Hadley chats about all things music and his plans for 2022

Charlie Tee Announces Total Records

Charlie Tee is adding label owner to her CV following the announcement of her new imprint Total Records

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