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Pure Science Return


Pure Science return! Kents legendary drum & bass promoters make a long overdue comeback to the events game at the end of this month. Their first foray into socially distant partying! We linked with Richie Weaver & Paddy, the promoters to get the low down…

Firstly what a line up!! What’s your thought process when putting a line up together?

Generally we start at the top! The reality of it is we have to think about who’s going to put bums on seats? On this occasion we had to start with Andy C. We’ve been trying to get Andy back at Pure Science for such a long time now

Harriet Jaxxon

With this particular event we wanted a local friends and family kind of vibe hence the usual Pure Science suspects. We’ve got Kleu, who’s doing big things right now. Promo Zo who is relatively new to the DJ circuit but most definitely not within the scene. Yourself (DJ Ollie) obviously as you’ve been a Pure Science resident since day dot, and finally Harriet Jaxxon who we’ve had our eye on for some time. She’s been making a names for herself & smashing sets all over the place for the last couple of years now, plus she’s a Kent girl so keeping things local

You’ve got a nice mixture of headliners, new skool talent alongside tried & tested resident DJs. No doubt everyone is excited to catch Andy C after his incredible One7Four live stream set

Like I said, we selected our line up with good reasons, but yes, of course everyone is hyped for Andy C! I don’t know about you but that live stream was one the only live streams I’ve watched from beginning to end. The kids were in bed so I had the headphones plugged in to the laptop and a beer on the go. I couldn’t drag myself away!

Did you have to adapt your approach given the reduced capacity of a socially distant event?

Of course like all promoters putting events on right now we’ve had to adapt to the current social distancing guidelines. Fortunately the guys at The Garden Project have been all over this. They’ve been communicating with the local authorities regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly & is in accordance with the rules and regulations 


You both used to rave at Pure Science & bought into the brand as it was special to you. Do you think being a former PS raver gives you a unique insight into what your crowd expects from one of your events?

To be honest I’m not sure being a former Pure Science raver gives us a unique insight into what the crowd expects. At heart we are both still ravers and we just want to party with everyone else

Pure Science holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of ‘older’ Kent ravers. We’ve been known for putting on classic Atomics lineups for certain milestone events, just to please that original audience. But most of our current punters are from the new skool so we obviously adapt accordingly

DJ Ollie, Richie Weaver, Brockie

Got any special memories from your raving days at Pure Science original venue Atomics?

Too many to mention if I’m honest!

For me it was the first time I went to Atomics. I had just played at an event called Club Jungle which used to happen down at Vouges in Sittingbourne. On the way in I asked for Jim the promoter. On meeting him I handed over a mix tape (ask your parents kids lol). I got a call that week asking me to be one of the residents so that particular moment at ‘that’ club was pretty awesome!

Also we can’t forget that first time Andy dropped Moving Fusions Turbulance!

Pure Science at Atomics really did bring the best out of the artists that graced those turntables. Shy FX had mad specials for that place. We have to big up the original Jungle Jim for giving Kent such an iconic spot for drum and bass

The Garden Project is a new venue for you guys. From my experience Pure Science has only ever done parties in special venues or locations. What’s this venue got that made you want to do an event when most promoters are laying dormant?

Well to be honest we weren’t looking to put on events any time soon due to the current situation. We had been trying to get something moving with our friends at The Garden Project for some time, so when this opportunity came up it was a no brainer. They have created the ultimate location for these kind of events in Kent. As I said previously, these guys know what they are up to, so we are very pleased to be collaborating with them on our first socially distant event

It’s been a while since your last event. What made you decide that now was the right time to do something?

I don’t think anyone knows if this is the right time to do events… But if we don’t do something how do we prove we are viable to the powers that be?

Any final words?


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