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A Little Sound Signs To Ministry Of Sound


Following her hectic summer festival season, fan favourite A Little Sound takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her humble beginnings, her rise to fame & of course her recent single ‘Back To Back’ on the world renowned Ministry Of Sound label…

Firstly tell us about your summer. It looks like you’ve been mad busy!!

This summer was honestly like no other!

I was lucky enough take my A Little Sound show to over 30 festivals across the globe, where I received such incredible support from each and every audience. Each show was super different, which made it even more enjoyable. I never thought that I’d be experiencing so many parts of the country / world so early on in my career, so it feels super special!

Any particular highlights from festival season that standout in your mind?

It would be hard not to put Boomtown at the top of my festival highlights. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but performing my set to 30,000 ravers after Shy FX on the closing day was so magical.

The reason it was such a heartwarming moment, was that last year I actually clashed with Shy FX so to play after him felt like a full circle moment. I was an excitable raver in 2019 at my first Boomtown, so to play the biggest stage with an hour long set is a memory that I’ll always treasure.

Building A Fanbase

Let’s go back to the start of your career. How did it all kick off for you? Am I right in thinking TikTok played a big part in you building a fan base?


TikTok definitely played a part in building a fanbase, but I was also doing a lot of work alongside TikTok which made it a lot easier to reach an audience so fast.

If we’re solely talking about the beginning of my drum and bass career, Born on Road (an underground Bristol label) had a huge part to play in solidifying my name in the underground scene. They sorted me my first live PA sets and got me writing with their artists Gray, Selecta J Man and DJ Gaw.

Whilst I played alongside Born on Road, I was also contacted by established artists such as Technimatic and Kanine; after falling across covers on my YouTube channel and asked to work with me.

A lot was happening at once, so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly kickstarted my journey. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, moving to Bristol was the best decision I ever made!

A Little Sound

I see a lot on social media about ‘beating the algorithm’. Did you have a strategy for making it via social media, or did it all happen organically?

Like others, I too wish there was a method to the madness! Unfortunately, it has been super up and down throughout my time on social media. You think you find something that works, then you try to replicate it and you get nothing.

If I could give advice, it would be to try and be yourself (cheesy I know), don’t procrastinate on whether to post the video, just post it and try to relate your niche to forever changing trends.

I’m still trying to figure out what works, but once you build a circle of fans, it becomes easier to think less and got for it!

Who were you looking up to when you started out? I can’t think of many other artists that DJ & sing at the same time!

When I first started out as a vocalist, I was looking up to the likes of Jenna G, Anne Marie (who performed with Rudimental) and Becky Hill.

It wasn’t until I got deeper into the scene, that I discovered Katie from the duo Koven. Katie was showcasing a live DJ / Vocal set whilst touring across the world on her own. I was truly inspired by everything that I saw and remember reaching out to Katie for some advice; after we’d formed a bond online during lockdown. I know that other vocalists, such as Riya, had also combined DJing and singing, but I could totally see myself in Katie (we often called ourselves sisters).

You’ve been heavily involved with Born On Road over the past couple of years. How did you link with those guys?

As I said previously, they’ve had a massive part to play in my journey. Kelvin and Aries (founders) actually contacted me and said they’d like to meet me for a coffee to chat. I went for the coffee near the Bear Pit in Bristol and instantly clicked with them.

Born on Road has always felt like more of a family than a label and they always wanted what’s best for me. Regardless of whether I move away or not, I always keep in contact and forever spread the word of their incredible support!

Signing To Ministry Of Sound

You’ve now signed to Ministry Of Sound! How did you find out that they were interested in signing you?

YES!! Since signing to Insanity Management alongside Shy FX, Wilkinson, Friction etc, I had received a few offers from labels.

I remember sensing a real interest from Ministry Of Sound and after having a meeting with the team I felt that they were genuinely excited for me as an artist. Signing with an iconic electronic music label just felt right, there’s not a lot more to it!

It must have been a surreal day signing that contract?

It was super exciting! I didn’t actually feel like I was there doing it until I saw the photo and received a crazy amount of support in the comment section of my instagram announcement. It finally felt real and I got down to writing new music straight away.

You just dropped your first single on Ministry ‘Back To Back’. How long does it take you to write a song like that?

Ahh yes! That one was written in a session with Brad Ellis and Harry Bryson. When you click with a producer(s), writing a song can be super quick and sometimes we even get a few down a session!

This one felt super strong from the get go, so we spent the whole 6 hours perfecting it and had a final product by the end of it.

Tell us what’s next… Ministry have a great track record in artist development, what do they have planned for you?

I am currently in the process of writing lots of demos ahead of my next release(s). Ministry have put together a writing camp for me in November, so I’m super excited to get working on some new A Little Sound music with some incredible artists.

I think Ministry are all for letting me continue my journey and have been super keen to ensure that I continue my relationship with the underground scene!

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