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It’s All Kicking Off For Anaïs


You can’t fail to have noticed the name Anaïs popping up on line ups across Europe over the past few months. Having also made waves recently with jungle flavoured productions on Hospital Records we thought it was time to grab a few words from this rising star…

I’m seeing your name all over the place right now. You seem to have come from nowhere to being everywhere. Give us a brief backstory of your journey to becoming a DJ / producer

My best mate Anton (Invicta Audio) moved to Bristol to go to university in 2018 and I used to visit him every week. I fell in love with the music scene in Bristol and how much fun it was. I saw him DJing and wanted to do it.

As a producer, I learnt over lockdown and my girlfriend (Oppidan) taught me everything I know now.

My debut EP ‘Badgyal’ was on Deep In The Jungle, DJ Hybrids label. That came out in 2021 which got number one on JunoDownload! That was a massive help in contributing to where I am now musically

That makes sense as I think I first heard your name linked with Invicta Audio. The success of Invicta Audio & your career seem to have grown hand in hand. It must feel good to be sharing these good times with your friends?

Yes! Invicta Audio has been a massive platform that has helped me along the way. I love them all very much; Big up Will that holds down the Invicta fort during the week


Your diary for this summer looks BUSY… I see dates in London, Brighton, Ibiza, Belgium, Cardiff, Romania! How do you cope with all the travelling involved with the job?

To be honest it’s all only just kicking off now! I’ve travelled before, but not to that extent, so I’m very excited to get going

Any tips for keeping yourself entertained when waiting for flights?

I usually just read a book or make some music! If I’m really tired I’ll just stare into space

I loved your track on the Hospital 500 compilation, also your Ultrasounds EP on Hospital, proper jungle vibes! How did you first link with Hospital & how did it feel when you got the call to say they wanted your music for the label?

I was on their women’s mentorship! It proper helped me with my production and helped me learn what big labels look for in submissions. I was completely over the moon to have a song out with them, so early on in my career too

The Hospital link goes deeper now that you’re playing all their big events this summer, In The Woods in London, On The Habour in Bristol, their stage at Glastonbury & of course their D&B summer holiday in Croatia!

Yaaaaaaas, so excited for all of those. Get me there immediately!

In 5 words sum up what people can expect if they catch your set at Hospitality In The Woods?






Hospitality In The Woods 2023

What’s next for Anaïs? Still getting time to hit the studio between gigs?

I am! I’ve finished university now, so I’m doing full time music which is amazing. So during the weekdays I can chill and make tunessssss!

Last but not least, we like to ask all the producers that pass through here to pass on a tip for the producers at home striving to break into the scene… What is your go to plugin when making tracks and how do you use it?

I love Addictive Drums and all the breaks and fills it comes with; Couldn’t live without that at the moment. I use it to add interesting variety to my drums and make them sound more human!

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