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DJ Phantasy’s Next Generation


DJ Phantasy has been knee deep in the drum and bass scene since day one! His book ‘Three Generations Deep’ detailed his career as a DJ, the journey from wanting to get into clubs for free, to playing at some of the biggest festivals in the world as part of SASASAS

Recently he released his Generations album showcasing the musical journey laid out in the book, and has also re-released some of his old back catalogue on vinyl. He has much more planned for the different generations of music fans out there.

Part of him being at the top of his game for this long is having his finger on the pulse. Constantly sourcing & nurturing the next generation of D&B talent.

He’s a busy man, but we’re blessed to have had him take time out of his schedule to tell us about a few of the future stars in drum and bass that he’s following right now…

Ben Snow

I first heard about Ben Snow when I saw his name on flyers at shows I was performing on. He always brought pure vibes to every set and created an incredible buzz in everything he did

Ben Snow, already making serious waves within the drum & bass scene, is one of the nicest guys about and is a sick DJ and producer. I got to know him quite well and we soon were in the studio working on some tracks together. Trust me, working up close to him, he knows his way around the studio! He is so focussed and has big plans for the future. Someone to keep an eye on for sure

DJ Kara 

During the lockdown, I was browsing through instagram searching for new producers within D&B and I came across Kara’s page. I checked one of the videos of her DJing and I remember thinking how good she was

Been a while ? Really enjoying working the classics into my mixes again! Who’s feeling this one?? #dnb #vinyl

Posted by KARA DNB on Sunday, October 11, 2020

I think Kara is one of the most exciting young DJ’s I have seen in a while! A few weeks after I first came across her, I was online and saw another video of her DJing and noticed her Dad popped onto the screen dancing behind her and that made me laugh. I decided to look at her page more and I noticed how she seemed to love Jungle as well as D&B and I was instantly drawn to the vibes that she was creating. I wasn’t the only one as her videos were getting 1000’s of plays and so many comments and that was only on one platform. The same was happening on other platforms as well. I have already heard promoters asking about Kara and I think she has a massive career ahead of her


Georgia Phoenix

I actually know Georgia’s boyfriend. I was talking to him about getting some music off him for some projects I am working on and then he just mentioned in passing that his girlfriend is making tunes. I asked him to send a few for me to check. Before he did I went onto her Instagram and heard two tracks that I was like ‘huh, these are vibes’. So I asked him to send me some bits over from her

Georgia Phoenix is a really talented producer and she’s a really good DJ as well. I was instantly grabbed by her production quality. One of the first things I did was asked her boyfriend if he helped her make the tunes? His reply was “She will not let me touch them”. I did laugh as he said that he is not allowed near her computer to touch any of her production haha… But I do respect that. Wait till you hear what Georgia Phoenix has coming out soon, you will be very entertained and being such a great producer now, she will only get better with each track she makes

DJ Konetix

Konetix came to my attention via MC Skibadee’s live streams

For anyone who has an internet connection, you’ll know about the infamous live streams that MC Skibadee does on a daily basis. During the lockdown Skiba has been massively supporting some of the new talent floating about from our scene and this is how I found out about Konetix. Skiba actually vocalled one of his mixes and they released it and through that mix I got talking to Konetix and he sent me some tunes. The tunes were banging!!

Since then I have kept in contact with him and he has been constantly sending me music with a few of his tracks already being picked up by labels and artists around me including Harry Shotta who has taken one track for his forthcoming EP. Konetix also writes his own lyrics so he is a great all rounder, a modern day D&B version of the Streets. (No Pressure there lol)

Harley D 

Harley D first popped up on my radar when he entered the SaSaSaS Stay Home Save Lives Remix Competition

We had hundreds of entries for the remix competition we created and whilst it took ages to go through them all, Harley D’s entry was up there very early and was liked by all of us judging the comp. After we selected the winners, I messaged Harley and asked him to send me some tracks so I could hear what he was producing. He sent me a folder with 75 TUNES IN….. YES…. SEVENTY FIVE…. I messaged him asking him was he taking the piss lol…. And I am not lying when I say, the quality was so good, I instantly signed a few of them plus Harry Shotta grabbed one for one of his projects and as I got to know him whilst chatting to him, I said to him “how can you be around, making all this music and I not know you?” I was glad I got to know him as I know what he has got coming and you will be definitely hearing his name real soon if you’ve not heard of him already. 

There are soooooo many more great young artists out there, it was impossible to get them all mentioned in one article. I’m going to have to come back in the future to do some more instalments!!! 

Are you the next big thing?

Get yourself heard by Phantasy & by us? Send us links to your best 2 tracks along with a few words about yourself

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