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Label Focus – DNB Vibes


DNB Vibes launched just 2 weeks ago & today dropped their 2nd release. Clearly they mean business!! We caught up with Mtøx and Evoke, the label owners, to find out what’s in store for them going forward…

Loving the first release, Ben Snow & Enta are hot property at the minute! Tell us more about the track

Ben Snow & Enta have smashed it with ‘Set Me Free’. The track hit top 10 in the Drum & Bass chart within 3 days of being released! When we first heard it we knew it would fit the label perfectly for the first release. With two names like Ben Snow & Enta on a track together it was always going to turn some heads. The tune has a real vibe to it, it really gets your head bopping every time you hear it. We hope to see their names on the label again in the future!

What was your aim when setting up DNB Vibes?

Mtøx – We love drum and bass and the culture that surrounds it. We wanted to build a community which covered all aspects of the genre, from the music, to funny moments at raves, and the memes. We hoped that sharing these with the world may help grow the drum and bass scene

Evoke – We wanted to provide a platform for fellow drum and bass lovers to share their experiences at raves. A home for them to discover new artists and music which they may have had difficulty discovering otherwise

Have you run into any hurdles during the process of launching the label? If so, how did you overcome them?

Being a new label we wouldn’t say we’ve run into any hurdles as such. It’s difficult to get established artists on board with an unestablished label. Fortunately, having the platform on social media helped break down that barrier as we could use the platform to help promote the music. 


Are either of you producers? If so will we be hearing any of your tracks on the label?

Yes we’ve both been producing for about a year and half now, we started producing around the same time that we launched DnB Vibes. We mostly produce together but also have our own individual projects that we do from time to time. We hope to release on the label sometime in the future.

Give us a rundown of what we can expect going forward. What artists have you secured release from?

Mtøx We currently have a list of releases lined up to take us into early next year. With this label our aim is to get music out there from artists that are established in this scene as well as releasing music from new & upcoming artists… We can’t give away too many of the big surprises but there are plenty of things in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with everyone. Our next release will be dropping on October 9th, a huge track from Georgia Phoenix

I’ve been supporting Georgia Phoenix’ tracks for a while now, she’s definitly one to watch!

Mtøx, I know you’ve been in bands in the past. Does having a musical ear help with your A&R skills?

Mtøx Previously being in a band has definitely helped my musical ear for sure, I would say it’s impacted the production side of things more

Shane (Evoke) & I both have a very similar taste in Drum and Bass and I think the A&R skills we have developed has stemmed from that. When it comes to choosing what tunes we would like to put forward for the label, there’s never really any disagreement

If money was no object, who would your dream signing be to the label & why?

Now that’s a big question, there are so many artists in the scene we’d love to have releases from. When it comes down to choosing one, we would both have to choose Bladerunner. The man is a genius when it comes down production, let alone his DJ skills too! An all round top artist!

If we expand on that & had to pick any artist & bring them into the Drum & Bass world. It would have to be someone along the lines of Skepta or Drake, could you imagine one of those guys on a D&B track produced by Bladerunner? It would be HUGE!  


What do you hope the future holds for DNB Vibes as a brand?

Our aim is to get DnB Vibes to a level so that it becomes a well known brand within the Drum & Bass community. With the label now up and running, & the socials growing, the only way we can aim is up! The world is in a pretty strange place at the moment when it comes to music events. Everyone is desperate to get back to the dance. When that day finally comes back around, we’d like to start hosting DnB Vibes events

Anyone you want to shout that’s helped you out?

Firstly we’d like to big up the LoveThatBass family for having us feature on this interview, we really appreciate it! 

Would like to big up all the DnB Vibes family and the team working in the background (You know who you are) and of course all our friends & family for the constant support in all we do. 

We want to send love and respect to all the artists out there representing D&B and a special shout out for those that we’ve been working with recently, who have put forward their music to the label, which will soon be available for everyone to hear!

And most importantly, a big massive shout out to the Drum & Bass community! You are the heart of this scene and you always bring the DNB Vibes ?

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