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Exile – Making Music For Party People


Exile has been firing on all cylinders recently – Releases on CruCast, Serial Killaz, Jungle Cakes, Dub Shotta, Korsakov Music, Grand Theft Audio, Suburban Base, plus an artist album on Onyx Recordings are testament to his work rate.

He’s also recently been nominated as ‘Best Breakthrough Producer’ at the forthcoming D&B Awards!

We caught up with Exile to find out more about his inspirations, working process, his teaching endeavours, plus of course his huge release on the LoveThatBass label…

First let’s just say congratulations on the latest release ‘Party People’. It was featured heavily by JunoDownload & is doing well so far on Spotify. It must be a satisfying feeling to see your music being appreciated?

Thank you it’s been incredible releasing with LoveThatBass you’ve been wicked to work with so looking forward to working with you again. So pleased Party People has been well received.

I always love it when people are enjoying the music I make. I love playing it in my sets too as it’s a nice bouncy one and always goes off, so it will stay in my sets for a long while to come!

Let’s take you back in time for a minute, what was it that first inspired you to make music?

I’ve been into music ever since I can remember. I started off in a band and playing guitar and progressed into drum and bass from there. I love the creative aspect of music and am definitely inspired by the different genres I’m into


I think the hardest part of an artist journey is getting recognised. How long do you think it was before people started to take notice of what you were doing?

Definitely. It can take time to get recognised and I’m not sure I’m even there yet to be honest with you! But I’m so grateful for being able to do music full time as it’s the only thing I can ever see me doing with my life, I just love it

Let’s talk about your work rate, last year you had 16 releases across various singles, EP, & remixes, the year before an album!!! How do you find the time?

Was it that many?! Being lucky enough to do music full time I just have to juggle my diary to ensure that I’ve got enough time for production, lessons, DJing and all the other things I do in the music industry too. I love the variety!

You’re also a bit of a perfectionist, we went through several versions of ‘Party People’ before you were happy with the final release mix

Haha yes that’s definitely something I’ve got a reputation for (final final final master x 15 lol). It’s because I’m always learning new things through tutorials and also my network of incredible producer friends where we all help each other out. So, I’m always getting inspired by different techniques and want to incorporate them into my tracks so they’re the best they can be

Do you set yourself goals as an artist to keep your career headed in the right direction? If so what sort of things are you aspiring for?

I try not to put too much pressure on myself with regards to goals as I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to production. Usually, it will be something simple like aiming to release on a certain label, work with a promoter I like, or learn new production techniques.

I also do stuff outside of drum and bass too, so I have ambitions for the future for that as well


Where do you ignite your creative spark? Is it based around a sample, or a vibe you want to explore?

I usually start by creating a number of 8 bar loop ideas by putting drums and a bassline down. Once I’ve picked a couple of ideas that I like, I’ll work on it from there until I know which one I want to be the finished product before creating the intro and the rest of the track

How do you deal with creative blocks? Do you take a break, or power through until you catch a vibe again?

Usually I change my focus on what I’m doing. So if I’m struggling on getting a track together, I’ll switch to doing mixdowns or take a break from it. As I do so many different things I find just moving from one task to another can help. But I definitely think taking a break is important because it’s difficult to get your creative spark back if you’re trying too hard.

You’ve released on a lot of labels, now you’ve set up your own imprint Banished Beats. What was your thought process in starting a label?

I’ve been producing and releasing with some incredible labels for a long time now. It’s been a real privilege not just learning from them but also making great friends along the way.

Influential label bosses like Benny V, Bladerunner and DJ Hybrid especially have encouraged me to take the next step in my career, so it felt like natural progression really. I will be focusing on the creative aspect of the label and the co-owner will focus on the rest, so we make a good team as we have strengths in different areas.

One thing we really want to focus on with Banished Beats is working with artists of all levels, so if we find someone who’s making the kind of vibes we like but hasn’t quite mastered their craft yet we will look at working with them until they’re ready to release. So I guess that would be our unique aspect.

You also teach production. How did you get into doing that?

I was actually messaged by a fan many years ago asking if I offered production lessons and it just grew from there really. It’s been great as in addition to working as a private tutor I’ve done some other really cool things with other wicked brands like Ethos and Lisa Lashes School of Music among others

Are your lessons based around a particular subject or is it whatever the student wants to learn?

I teach people right from scratch through to more seasoned producers just wanting to tighten up certain skills. So it will really depend on their level. If they’re starting from scratch I tend to break it down into blocks. But if they can already produce, I’ll tailor a lesson to exactly what they’re looking to improve on

Finally what’s next for Exile & your label?

For Exile, it’s lots and lots of releases this year haha. I’m completely fully booked for 2024 and a lot of 2025 already, it’s mad I’m proper buzzing with how much people seem to be feeling my music at the moment. With Banished we’re starting off slowly while we find our feet, we’ve got a few more releases from me lined up then a couple of really exciting things coming later in the year so watch this space!

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