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In Conversation With Nicky Blackmarket


DJ Ron interviews Nicky Blackmarket, one of the hardest working, & nicest people, in the drum & bass / jungle music scene.

Nicky Blackmarket has been at the forefront of jungle music since its inception in the early 90’s and the service he’s provided via his Black Market Records shop to every top billing Jungle/ D&B DJ and up and coming alike has been well documented.

In this episode of The London Something Podcast, DJ Ron chats with Nicky about his childhood growing up in Marylebone central London, his mum giving him the money to get started at Black Market, his relationship and effect on him after losing his friend, the indomitable MC Stevie Hyper D, the pandemic and of course everything in between that life could possibly throw at him!

Watch The Interview With Nicky Blackmarket

Nicky Blackmarket Interview

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