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Label Focus – Basslayerz Recordings


It’s been a busy month for the Basslayerz Recordings record label, dropping a fresh release each & every week plus of course the in demand Basslayerz performances at clubs and festivals across Europe.

The award winning collective comprising of DJ Slipz with MC’s Spyda & Blu Bomma have racked up an impressive catalogue of music on Basslayerz Recordings with releases from the likes of AC13, Bou, AKAS, Disrupta, L-Side & more.

We caught up with MC Spyda to find out more about the label & to talk about the month of releases that feature his distinctive vocals

How long has the label been running & what made you want to start a label in the first place?

The label has been running since 2018 now & it was always something we wanted to do as a collective, so when I made ‘All Ganja Man’ with Serum we felt this was a great place to start.

BassLayerz is yourself, Slipz & Blu Bomma, are all 3 of you actively involved in the running of the label?

We all do our bit in running the label, but when it comes down to the organisation of it all Slipz plays a big part.


For people that don’t know the label can you describe the labels sound in 3 words?

Drum and Bass (Ha Ha)

Good answer! You’ve had some big artists dropping releases on BassLayerz Recordings. Any that you’re particularly proud of?

We treat every release the same on BassLayerz and everyone has played a massive part in moving the label forward but for me if I have to mention one, I’m really proud of the numbers ‘All Ganja Man’ with Serum has done & also ‘Magic Carpet’ with Bou.

MC Spyda Releases

Tell us about your current string of releases featuring yourself. How did the project come about & what producers are involved?

Slipz spoke to me about doing a month of Spyda on the label last year, so we decided that in January we would release a track featuring myself every week. All the tracks weren’t made specifically for this project, they was already in the vault!

The first track we released was ‘Smuggler’ with DJ Limited, who we are really grateful to have contributing music to the label at the moment. He is also mainly to thank for the inspiration for the track. 

‘Rise Again’ was produced by AKAS who is slowly becoming a regular on the label. The track itself was made after I sent him the vocals and he then built the song around them during lockdown.

Magenta made the third track to come out this month, it’s called ‘Back Ina Dem Place’ and that is something we have actually had unreleased for at least 2 years, we play it in all our sets & is a real club banger!

Talking of bangers, the fourth and final track which comes out on Wednesday is another track we have had for a while and has been an intro tune we have used regularly for our sets. The track is called “The Weekend” and the producer is Furniss.


You’ve built up such an iconic name in our scene & beyond through releases with Pendulum, Shy FX, Bad Company etc. What keeps you motivated?

Honestly, the two younger guys in the team keep me on my toes and have helped me massively when it comes to staying relative. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. 


As a label what do you look for in a track when signing new music?

I think with our label, the most important thing is that we all can catch a vibe, even if it isn’t a track we may play in all of our sets it doesn’t matter, we run off vibes!

What’s next for BassLayerz Recordings after the 4 MC Spyda releases?

We have the next 9 months scheduled with a release coming out every 2 weeks featuring artists such as Disrupta, Amplify & T>I to name a few. We really want to get some consistency this year and continue to push forward.

Go follow @basslayerzdnb on Instagram to stay up to date with everything they’re doing

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