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Monk Audio – Ones To Watch 2021


Monk Audio, one of the best new drum and bass labels to really flourish in 2020 links up with LoveThatBass to drop their ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2021. Looking to follow the next big thing? This one is a certified must read. 

Jamie speaks with label boss Erritate alongside RCB, OB and ABLE (all the caps!)

Jack, what’s been going on in 2020 for you? Have you enjoyed the music side of the gloomiest year in history?

I’ve got to admit, despite it being an all around bad year for most, I’ve had one of my best years musically. I started the year off with more gigs than ever and I’ve managed to release a decent amount of music throughout the year and learnt loads with the help and guidance of the labels and individuals I have had the pleasure of working with

How have you managed to grow your label? Any tips to share with artists looking to start a 2021 homegrown hit machine?

My best advice to anyone starting out is to take risks, stay focused and be persistent!

Monk Audio

As a producer yourself, how do you find the process of getting your music signed by other labels? Is it easy to find a home as such for your sound without placing everything under your own wing?

It took me a good few years to find my sound or even acknowledge the direction I wanted to take with my music. That being said, once I knew what sound I wanted to push and the way I wanted to create music, it was hard to find a label to release it on as many labels nowadays want the clean and minimal approach to drum and bass and my music is definitely not clean and minimal!


Flip the switch here, how do you deal with incoming demos? Do you find it’s a steady flow of music or does it fluctuate at various times of the year?

It definitely fluctuates. When things were normal we’d see more new artists appearing during winter (when they have more time to produce) but the regulars are throwing tunes at us all year round. Our doors are always open to new music though.

What’s next for you as a producer?

Up next is my ‘Airdresser’ EP with Section 23. Personally I think the tracks are a lot different than my usual style so I’m hoping people enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Ones To Watch

For you, what’s the biggest track incoming for 2021 that DJs should keep an eye out for?

Corr that’s a hard one! It’s gotta be between Dopplershift ‘666’ feat. MC XL or ABLE ‘Ice Cold’ feat. Grafta MC

And who’s the producer to watch for 2021?

Erritate: Max Baker is definitely on the cards for a huge year this year! The guy is on fire production wise and it’s a bonus that he’s an all round sound geezer!’

RCB: There’s loads of people I could name to watch out for but my top choice is OB. Ollie is a producer we’ve been working with since 2018 so I’ve seen first hand the progress he’s been making and there seems to be no slowing down. With his latest release with us I feel he’s really learned how to craft that OB sound every time and I think he offers something a lot different to many new drum and bass producers that are coming through right now.”

OB: Kin:etic is definitely one to look out for as he is right at the forefront of the younger crop of upcoming artists pushing the soulful and deep liquid sound. He has already racked up some impressive support for his music from the likes of Bredren as well as others and he has some exciting stuff in the works. He is also great to write music and be in the studio with so you may well see some more collabs from the two of us surfacing in the future. It is definitely worth keeping your eyes and ears peeled for his stuff

ABLE: Glyph, I feel like they are a much overlooked duo with such a versatile style. Coming second in dub wars is no mean feat and they have much more to offer

Any shouts?

Shouts to all the Monk family, Echo Chamber crew, James Honey and all the people that support Monk Audio and I

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