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Moondance Album Comes Together


Moondance has been running since the early 90’s. While other event brands have come and gone over the past 30 years Moondance has been a constant presence on the London club scene. Now with the help of Dope Ammo, a man who’s been releasing music since 1998, they are coming with an album packed full of drum & bass / old skool goodness! We spoke to Dope Ammo to find out more…

Moondance has been a constant staple on the London clubbing scene for years now. How do you go about taking such a beloved event and turning it into a compilation album?

It all just kinda happened naturally really. After we remixed the Baby D classic ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ I got in contact with Funki (the promoter of Moondance) as they seemed like the perfect events organisation to promote this record.

It’s pure nostalgia on both fronts, with the tune and the fact that Moondance have been there from the very beginning. Due to lockdown we were only able to do a live stream event but it went really well.

What was the process for selecting the artists that feature on this project?

Obviously, we wanted to include all the Moondance artists but also wanted to bring in some other producers from back in the day and also some artists who have featured on the Dope Ammo label to give it a real MoonDance stamp of old school with a new school feel.

Was there one standout artist that you had to include on the tracklist due to their contribution to the events over the years either DJing or they made an iconic Moondance anthem?

Well, there’s DJ Sence; a wicked DJ who is the longest standing Moondance resident so we had to get him to do a couple of tracks, plus of course all your Moondance favourites such as Slipmatt, Ratpack, DJ Rap and Billy Daniel Bunter.


Sounds Of Eden & Trip To The Moon are both bonafide old skool rave classics. How hard was it deciding who you got to remix those tracks?

It wasn’t really that difficult as Danny Byrd had already done the Acen remix for Kniteforce Records so we simply licensed it directly from them. As for ‘Sound of Eden’, myself and Benny have been doing quite a few old school remixes for our DJ sets and after ‘Harmony’ and ‘Fantasy’ blew up it’s been quite easy to ask people if we can have a pop at them. Everyone seems to be up for it, and it’s given the tune a whole new lease of life again

How long does it take to out of project like this together? I’m guessing it’s a bit more long winded than putting a playlist together?

Yeah, to be honest it’s been tough 6 months just getting all the tracks sorted and nailed, plus there are also all the licensing and contracts that needed to be done. We are pretty much there with it now, so things are getting a little easier finally.

You teamed up with the legendary DJ Rap for a track on the album. Her back catalogue from her jungle days is formidable, not to mention the other genres she’s dipped to toes into. How was it working with her?

Working with Rap is a delight, we’re both quite similar, she very much reminds me of my cousin and sister so we get on really well. We’re both musical in the studio, so it just works. We are both into the euphoric kind of vibe with vocals, uplifting breakdowns and dark bassline drops.

Will you be pressing a vinyl version for the original old skool Moondance ravers to play on their Technics?

Absolutely and we have bought in the mighty Kniteforce records to help us do this. Chris is an absolutely legend and amazing to work with and pretty much sorted the vinyl package before we even did the digital!

What’s next for Moondance? Any events in the pipeline? Maybe an album launch party?

We just had the Moondance x Sunbourne Festival which was amazing as it was great to see everyone for the first time in nearly 2 years. Next up is New Year’s day in collaboration with Breaking Science so we all can’t for that one. An album launch is the next thing on our list, myself and Funki need to sit down and make some serious plans. There may even be a Moondance tour if you’re lucky lol.

Album Sampler

Listen to part 1 of the Moondance album right here featuring tracks from Dope Ammo, DJ Rap, Shades Of Rhythm, Acen, Ray Keith, Jasmine Knight & more

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