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My Nu Leng Select Their Favourite D&B Tracks


My Nu Leng are renowned for their incendiary DJ sets, which join the dots between a myriad of genres, everything from drum & bass, dubstep, UKG to grime. Their deep musical knowledge, versatility and technical dexterity has led to bookings all over the world, delivering blistering sets on the big stage at festivals like Glastonbury, Outlook and South West Four, plus a long list of prestigious club spaces.

Their bass music sound will be showcased at the debut Rampage event in Amsterdam which takes place on the 4th & 5th November! To celebrate them playing at this huge D&B event we asked the My Nu Leng guys to select their all time favourite D&B tracks, and they came through with some real gems…

My Nu Leng’s D&B Selections

Commix – Be True

This one is just filled with nostalgia, 2006-2009 was probably our golden years for drum & bass, when we were really obsessed and mixing records in our bedrooms on a daily basis. This came out & was just a mind blowing masterpiece, hearing it at a rave for the first time still sticks with me.

Raiden – Fallin’

Hauntingly beautiful track, everything fits so perfectly. The progression throughout with each layer. I can’t even remember what mix I heard it in for the first time but remember desperately trying to find a tracklist & not getting the ID until a few years later.

Marcus Intalex – Temperance

RIP Marcus. I still get goosebumps every time I listen to this. It’s actually the tune that was playing the first time I ever came up in a rave & that feeling will stick with me forever haha. Timeless, rolling, beautiful, dark; Marcus was truly the greatest drum & bass producer of all time in my eyes & I could easily fill this list with his productions.

Stakka & Skynet – Decoy

This whole LP was just way ahead of its time for 2001 & I’d go as far to say it would still be ahead of its time if it came out now. We still rinse this one out in our sets, those drums are just so sick.

DJ Die – Soundtape

Another one filled with nostalgia, I cannot hear this and not dance. The whole Full Cycle sound was just so unique, so Bristol. And this track for me I was just obsessed with as soon as I heard it. It’s got that almost jump uppy feel but with layers of soul & funk as Die was so perfect at. I will put this on any time I want a little gun finger skank!

Rampage Amsterdam

Catch My Nu Leng playing B2B with Voltage, plus a whole host of other artists including Dimension, SASASAS, Funtcase, Holy Goof, Aries & more at Rampage Amsterdam. Tickets are available from the Rampage website.

Rampage Amsterdam

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