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Myth – Long Time Coming


Over the past year Myth has gained a reputation for blasting out some seriously good drum & bass music. With D&B trendsetters such as Doc Scott, Total Science, Lenzman & Teebee backing him you can rest assured there’s some substance to his sound!

We spoke to the man himself on the day of his new EP dropped on the excellent The North Quater label…

Your new EP is titled ‘Long Time Coming’, is there anything in particular that led you to this title?

Between me and Lenzman we couldn’t decide how we wanted to do things. At one point there was 8 tunes on the EP. I had a 140bpm tune on there, as well a vocal from Fox that we didn’t end up using. It just felt like a the whole EP was a long time coming for me.

I notice it’s also available on some lovely looking purple vinyl as well. A vinyl release is a rare thing these days!!

Yeah for sure. It’s the first vinyl EP I have done that’s just me. I’m happy that Lenzman thought it was a good idea… Plus it’s my favourite colour! Can’t go wrong

Lenzman has done great work building up The North Quarter label over the past couple of years

Let’s take you back to the start of your life as a producer. Has drum & bass always been your thing, or did you find this genre along your music journey?


Hip hop and classic pop music were my first loves really. Then I got into dubstep and DnB. I didn’t really know the difference at first. It wasn’t until I started DJing that I became aware that drum & bass was the genre for me

Do you have a particular track that introduced you to drum & bass? 

Bad Ass by Mickey Finn & Aphrodite is the first tune I remember knowing was drum and bass. So I guess it’s that one

A month back you put out your bootleg of Dub War. How did that come about? Was the original of that a track a particular favourite of yours?

Oddly I didn’t know the tune! I knew all the samples fairly well though. I just came across it when diving into classics and thought this one would be cool to bring up to date

You’ve told me in the past that you live in the middle of nowhere. Do you think that helps you be a better producer? Less distractions outside your front door perhaps so you focus more? You can turn your music up loud?

Well yeah I live in Cheddar (in Somerset). I moved back with my parents in Cheddar after struggling in Bristol, plus the constant partying wasn’t great for my mental heath either. It’s definitely better for writing tunes. There’s nobody there during the day so I can just potter about and get whatever done that I need

You also record as one half of Ill Truth. They say 2 heads are better than one, would you agree with that?

Ha ah… There’s definitely pros and cons to it. Same with working alone. We argue a fair amount but I would probably say it’s for the best and creates better results

Ill Truth

The body of work speaks for itself with Ill Truth releases on Shogun, Dispatch & Symmetry (to name a few). Does it now feel strange to be releasing on your own after being part of a duo?

It’s actually really nice to have something that’s my own and is a different sound to Ill Truth. The process is way quicker alone as well so I can put more out

Aside from making music, you’ve also been putting together some production sample packs. Were these lockdown projects? Will they be something you’ll be doing more of going forward?

It’s something that I always wanted to do but never got the chance. Lockdown has forced everyone to adjust in order to keep earning a living. This was kind of my way to do that. Lots more will be coming. Both on my own and with other services

What’s next on the cards for you? Working on your next project already?

I’m fully booked up until about April next year. Only doing remixes for the time being and working on a big project over that time as well. 

There’s a couple Ill Truth things to wrap up as well and then another big project. So yeah busy busy.

The Long Time Coming EP is available now on The North Quarter

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