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Nu Elementz presents Blackout


Nu Elementz recently announced his next album, Blackout. We thought we should track him down to find out more about this project, what else he’s been up to and, of course, all things TNA!

I saw you mention on your Facebook that you’ve had a tough few months. You been struggling with lockdown?

I wouldn’t say struggling with lockdown, but losing my dad in March was a hard time for me. Thankfully I’ve had the right people around me which has kept me head strong

Sorry to hear that 🙁

The artwork for the Blackout album is very dark, does that reflect the mood you were in while making the tracks?

The album is full of different emotions, but I’d say the majority of it was written during an obviously dark time

Nu Elementz Blackout

Do you think that spilled over into the music as well? 

I definitely think it has. I ventured down avenues I normally wouldn’t and the results are, I believe, my best work to date


Where did the title for the album come from? Any deep meaning behind it?

I came up with the concept just after I’d released my last album X, and with what went on further down the line, the idea stuck

Majistrate said that this is quite a diverse album musically. Having heard Voltage’s 3rd solo album recently on Hospital it seems that the third album is the one where artists really come into their own. Would you agree with that?

I mean, I believe this is my best work. But I’ve always been like that with each album I write. I feel this has been my most diverse approach though, and with a total of 17 tracks it’s definitely my biggest album to date

Did you approach Blackout any differently to Prophecy & X? What’s your process for writing an album? Are you making a collection of singles, or do you have a structure in your head as to how the album will flow?

I have a concept and I run with it. Blackout was already in my thoughts when I released X, with two of the tracks being made around that time. It’s taken me around a 18 months to complete. I like to create a handful of singles and try to bring it together from there. It’s a process that’s worked for me so far.

Any more future collaborations with Jessica Luck? I loved Never Forget & the recent remix

Yes. Definitely. Jess is one if not the most talented singers in the scene in my opinion. We’re very lucky to be able to work with her

Blackout is due for release on Majistrate’s Sweet Tooth label, same as your last 2 albums. Why did you choose Sweet Tooth instead of Bites, the label you run with Maji?

Well I’m signed exclusive with Sweet Tooth. My albums and majority of my releases will always be released via them. That said I do have a solo release lined up for Bites for the start of next year

Bites has had a busy release schedule so far in 2020. I particularly liked Kendricks single. Can we expect much more up until the end of the year?

We have been working really hard on the next run on releases for Bites. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed! Some new faces, plus some familiar ones. We have a lot scheduled up until 2021 and beyond

I see Azza & Grima, your partners in TNA, have been busy making music & shooting videos. Have you been in contact with them much over lockdown?

Of course! I speak with them everyday. We’ve been working hard on some music for their upcoming projects

You must all be gagging to get back to playing at raves?! Have TNA played at any socially distant events yet?

We haven’t put too much thought into social distanced events as of yet. We have all been very busy making and creating our legacy in the studio. Obviously we want to get out and play live shows again as soon as we can but, we believe it’s an important time to put all of this negative situation to good use and that ultimately for us is making music

I hear that!! 

Lastly, anything else you’ve been working on except the album? 

My next EP, forthcoming on Sweet Tooth, which will be entitled Feeling Good. I have a solo release for Bites, and the upcoming projects for Azza & Grima that I just mentioned

Blackout is due for release on 31st October on Sweet Tooth







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