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OKO “I’ve always been super passionate about music”


OKO is a name that’s popping up all over the place right now, on event line ups, on the radio, and even on your Spotify playlists! We decided we needed to speak with her to find out more about her plus of course get the low down on her latest release…

Let’s start this interview at the beginning of your musical journey, how did you get into DJing & music production?

I’ve always been super passionate about music, and I used to sing and play the guitar when I was much younger, with the dream of being a musician. At around the age of 15 I started going to DNB raves and I fell in love with the energy of the genre. I was hooked. But I didn’t really see any female artists at the raves, so it wasn’t until I was watching Sam Divine at Eden in 2019 – that I had the lightbulb moment of ‘wow, thats what I want to do’. And sure enough, 5 years later I’m going to be playing in that exact club for WAH! Madness

Were there any particular artists or experiences that inspired you?

The first raves I went to were mainly jump up raves, so i’ll always have a soft spot for 2015 jump up but as I delved into the genre, it was Dimension and Chase & Status’ albums that I had on repeat. I’m a sucker for dancefloor, a lot of the tracks carry a lot of euphoria and just GOOOOD VIBES! There are so many amazing artists in the scene and a lot of the new wave artists (many of whom I’m lucky enough to have as my close friends) are so talented and really inspire me on the daily

I’m always interested in peoples DJ names, is there a story behind the name OKO?

OKO means ‘eyes’ in Bosnian, and I have my grandmother’s green eyes

Looking back at your journey so far, is there any advice you’d give to your younger self starting out in drum & bass?


I’ve recently gone sober (110 days to be exact) and I would tell myself to quit the booze. SInce being booze free, I’m on JOB. Not to discredit my younger self, as I’ve always been motivated – however, it’s really helped me become more disciplined. I’d also say try not to let anyone hold you back or dampen your light/dreams. Sometimes others might not want to see you do well, but just go for it. Work hard and you can do anything!!!

Congratulations on the Rinse release! How did this signing come about on such a well respected label?

Thank you! I was asked to start a residency on Kool, and I used to travel from Bristol to Hackney to do my live show. Last September, I was sitting in the sun with Jess (now my manager) and Miguel, discussing my plans and I also met Geeneus (who at the time – wasn’t aware that he was the head honcho of Rinse). We got on really well, and from there – had a few meetings and I showed him my music. He asked me to go and write a bunch of new music. So that’s what I did. A few weeks later, I drove back to London and showed him my new projects and then he offered me a deal with Rinse and here we are!

Tell us a bit about the release for those that haven’t yet heard it, what kind of vibe were you going for?

My new single ‘Hold You Down’ is a catchy dancefloor tune with a sprinkle of 4×4 in it. It’s definitely a summer vibe, and a tune you can sing along to whilst at a day rave or in your car on the way to the gym haha

Beyond D&B I know you’ve dabbled in other genres? Is that part of who OKO is as an artist?

I love all electronic music, from DNB to techno to UK Dubstep. I first dabbled in a bit of techno when I started producing 4 years ago, and I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just launched my second alias ‘GIGI’ which I’ve created for all things house/techno! I think that creating music is such a beautiful creative process and I was pumping out tracks so I thought, why not explore this avenue too?! Not to worry though; there will be no slowing down with OKO!

Beyond music creation, are there any other artistic outlets you enjoy, like visual art or fashion, that inspire you?

I’m really into sustainable fashion & love design. I do a lot of my own artwork and definitely want to get more familiar with the Abode software for video editing!

Social media is a big part of being a DJ today. What’s your approach to using platforms these platforms to connect with your fans?

Social media has been a great tool for me, I really love creating content and telling a story through my content. I keep it as authentic as possible, taking my fans on this journey with me – even when things are a bit tough! I also showcase my selection through my drops of the day :)

Finally, what’s next? I know there’s a follow up single coming, plus I’m sure with the backing of Rinse there’s a few DJ gigs & radio shows in the pipeline?

I’ve managed to secure some Glastonbury shows which I’m sooo excited about! Also playing in Ibiza which is huge! Lots of more music to be released and just full steam ahead really! Lots of projects that I’m working on behind the scenes which I’ll announce later on in the year! Woo! 

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