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Paul T & Edward Oberon’s Strange Days


Paul T & Edward Oberon gear up for the launch of their ‘Strange Days’ album on Bryan Gee & Jumpin’ Jack Frosts infamous V Recordings label.

Before signing to V Recordings back in 2016, Paul T & Edward Oberon already had a impressive discographies as solo artists; releasing on respected labels like Spearhead, Dispatch, and LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records. Over the past few years they’ve built up an impressive body of music which peaks in December with the release of ‘Strange Days’.

We caught up with the guys to find out more…

We love what we’ve heard of the album so far. You must be pleased with how it’s turned out?

Yes we are very pleased. From the beginning we had a clear vision of the concept, sound and design. 

It was an interesting experience putting it together over the time allotted. So much was happening with life in general, Covid, lockdowns etc. The world came to an absolute standstill just after a hefty slew of performances in the USA, Europe & the UK. Strangely, it was perfect timing to put our minds to work on this project. We feel like we really held onto the essence, emotion and overall sound we wanted.

It’s a perfect fit for V Recordings. Was it your idea to do an album or did Bryan sweet talk you into it?

It was a group decision. We felt we were ready and very much eager. We had the full support of Bryan, Frost, and V Recordings pushing us along. It was great to have the backing, to be honest. It really helped us channel and bring forward our best ideas.


Let’s take things back for a minute. How did you 2 meet?

We met online via social media, the previous means to communicate at the time (A.I.M) lol. Believe it or not, (and you should) it was the hotbed for musicians and producers.

We admired each other’s music and approach to DNB. Further down the road, we began discussing collaborating. The rest is history!

Do you each have your own roles in the studio? Is one of you a whizz at arrangement & the other full of ideas?

Somewhat. We generally swap ideas, concepts, and titbits of information between us. Eventually taking the early drafts of a song, passing it back and forth through the writing process until we are both 100% happy.

Not only do you work well together, but you’ve also cooked up a few tasty collaborations on Strange Days. How do you go about selecting collaborators? Are they people you know or did you tap up artists you liked?

Some of the collaborators we know from previous projects like Serum and T.R.A.C.

Many of the new collaborators we personally approached and chose to work with after listening to their material. With the forces aligned, we felt we could make something very special.

Most of the collaborative ideas began as basic drafts. After our routine exchange of files and ideas, eventually, they evolved into fully realised songs. Many of the songs were written in different places, capturing the vibe, mood, and setting of the moment.

Tell us about the artwork. I feel like you’ve put as much time into the look of this album as the sound!

The artwork was such an important addition to the album. We selected Manic Minotaur as our cover art designer. His style perfectly encapsulated the energy and vibrance that we feel the album delivers.

I feel you need to do some merch to go along with the album. The artwork would look sick on a tee or sweatshirt!

Yes! Merch incoming! We have merchandise ready for the album release on the 3rd December – Strange Days inspired clothing and accessories. 

They will be available on/at the album release event December 2nd and going forward.

The album is titled Strange Days. Was there a particular strange day you had in mind when coming up with that name?

The title came about due to the changes in our lives, all of our lives, Covid, isolation, to the present day, as we still feel the effects. The title track of the Album which features Serum and Cee H BLAK is the anchor for the project. Cee H Blak wrote very emotive and relatable lyrics. He captured the mood. We thought it was perfect because it is.

This single is due for release at the end of November.

We see you have a launch party coming up, in fact you added us to the WhatsApp group for it. I get the feeling it’s gonna be a lively one!

It’s going to be a very lively evening. 2nd December! A stellar lineup on the evening, Makoto, Riya, Bryan Gee ourselves with 2ShyMc & Illmatika as our hosts with some extra special guests !! We do love a surprise and a bit of intrigue. 

Except for yourselves, who are YOU most excited to hear play on the night?

We Always love listening to Bryan’s sets. There is so much variety and charisma that he packs into a set. Having said that, Makoto and Riya are known for bringing their unique heat and flair to any event they touch. We can’t wait 

Finally, people may see you at the bar… What drink should they buy you?

Hahaha, well, since you asked…

Paul – Rum and Ginger Beer please

Edward – Vodka and Coke si’l vous plâit

Listen To Strange Days

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