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Rowney’s Defining Moments


Rowney has been one of the drum & bass scenes true grafters. Bursting onto the scene as part of the G13 collective he’s had releases on labels such as Viper Recordings, Radius, Undiluted, Serial Killaz, Calypso Musak, Biological Beatz to name a few. He’s also dipped his toes into producing other musical genres.

Rowney has recently released his debut drum & bass album ‘Defining Moments’ so we got on the phone with him to find out more…

The album has finally been released & is sounding great. How long have you been working on it?

All in all nearly 2 years. I was testing some bits around winter 2019 but I didn’t have any plans for an album as such… Then lockdown happened!! A blessing in disguise for me, 2020 was a mental year!

Writing an album is a skill, which D&B albums are your benchmarks? The ones you enjoy listening to & strive to be as good as?

Ones that have stuck out for me personally over the years include Chase & Status ‘More Than A Lot’ for the variety and song format of some of the tunes. Turno’s Power EP cos of the sheer production quality of it. Serum & Voltage ‘Strike Back’ for the amount of rave anthems on it. Annix’s Playaz albums for the groundbreaking and original ideas.

What is your creative process like? Did it differ at all working on the album tracks as opposed to writing singles?

If I have an idea prior to getting in the studio I’ll record voice notes and jot down ideas then work on them when I get in. Sometimes I just start on a blank page in the studio and see what happens, sometimes things do. sometimes they don’t.


I’m not a natural musician, my journey started playing the drums so I haven’t got the knack of just playing riffs into a piano and working forward like that. A lot of my stuff is trial and error until I get something I’m vibing with

As far as album tracks go I wanted to make some commercially vocal tracks so I approached them differently and studied artists like Wilkinson & Netsky for inspiration

My personal favourite track on the album is ‘Backtrack’. Do you have one that you’re particularly proud of? If so why?

I love them all I really do. ‘Gift Of Life’ and ‘Fall Apart’ were special anthems for me. ‘Gift Of Life’ had an inner meaning as it was a track about mine and Deelaydees babies which were due to be born around the same time last year. I’ve played loads of the album tracks out, ones that have done the damage most in the clubs are ‘Get Parred’, ‘Pressurize’, ‘We Tun Up’ & ‘Burn’

How would you describe your sound to someone that hadn’t heard your music?

Melodic or memorable D&B which you might end up liking

Is there a story behind the album title?

Yeah, I’ve always seen releasing your first album as a progression and a step up in your career and sound. I tried to keep the album as varied as I could and worthy of the “album” accolade something greater that a compilation of jump up tracks as many would expect from me. So yeah, releasing the album is a defining moment for me.

What have been the 3 biggest Defining Moments in your music career to date?

That’s a question!!

I think firstly, getting a track on DJ Hazard’s label and on a Fabric Live CD. I’m forever grateful to Hazard for that.

Establishing Standard Procedure with Toddlah & TNT is definitely one. I’ve worked with other artists and formed crews before but nothing gelled like it has withStandard Procedure. Everyone is taking us seriously as a brand and a collective. The link up was natural and the chemistry is natural and we’re getting better and better.

It’s an obvious one but forming this album is too. But if I’d choose another it’s linking with Trigga over the years and improving my craft under his guidance. He’s deffo been a mentor to me from when we first linked on the Manchester Massacre CD back in 2009 so bigup Triggz!

Finally what’s next for Rowney? Started planned the next album yet?

Haha no 2nd album yet… I’ve got a lot of artists wanting to collaborate which I haven’t done much until the album so I’m looking forward to delving into that more. I’ve got a bucket list of labels I want to work with someday, I’ve set my goals high though so the balls in my court to step up!

Loads more big SDR releases from me and the team. More Standard Procedure tracks. Hopefully we’re past covid and lockdowns and everyone can get back to where we all left off!!

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