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The London Something Podcast – MC Inja


DJ Ron’s ‘The London Something Podcast’ returns after a short hiatus with a very special guest MC Inja. In this episode Inja speaks openly of his early life in Luton with his grandad, cousins and other family who formed his early social circle. This early bliss was soon broken and started with tears for him when forced to move to a village in Cambridge with his father and mother.

In one of the most honest and open conversations on the London Something Podcast to date, Inja speaks of the racism, bullying, loneliness and the challenges incurred suffering from a speech impeding stutter and struggling behind in his ability to read.

So much more to his story and what a story of triumph over adversity to come this far with lectures at Oxford and Cambridge to being one of the fastest rising MC stars in the Jungle/ Drum and Bass scene.

Watch The Interview

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