Harley D Releases ‘Ninety Degrees’ on LoveThatBass


Today the inaugural track on our own LoveThatBass label is released exclusively on Spotify, JunoDownload & of course right here on our own shop!

Press Release

Ninety Degrees’ by Harley D is a straight up roller… A sub low heavy ‘Bristol’ style bassline runs through this track, as all self-respecting drum & bass tunes should have!! This low end is balanced nicely by snappy breaks, providing the punch needed to cut through in the mix.

A vocal reminiscent of the early 90’s rave era dances through this track, peppered with the odd rave stab & vocal sample stating that “This is an emergency!”

Turn it up loud, close your eyes and imagine for a minute that you’re in a rave. Bassline beating in your chest, feel good vibes… Damn I want to hear this in a club!!!

This release will be available from all other outlets on 22nd February 2021.

The Label

Ninety Degrees represents the debut release on the newly formed LoveThatBass label.

LoveThatBass is a drum and bass website set up in the latter months of 2020, which has already built up a name for itself supplying quality content from across the D&B genre, including interviews, production tips, breaking news & more. This record label aims to extend that ethos of sharing great quality Drum & Bass from established & emerging talent.


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