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Killswitch: D&B Influences


Killswitch dropped their debut release this week on our own LoveThatBass label and it’s a big one!

To find out more about them we asked the Killswitch guys to give us a run down of their D&B influences. They’ve selected some stone cold drum and bass classics!!

Anyone who’s listened to their new track ‘The Beginning‘, or the mix they did for us, will have heard they’re heavily influenced by that late 90’s / early 00’s D&B sound which is reflected in the tracks they picked for this feature.

Jo – R Type

So original and ahead of its time. The synth sound is so recognisable when you hear it in a rave and it’ll stand up against any tune being made today, which is why we still drop it in our sets today!

Splash – Babylon

One of the all-time classic Jungle tracks. It’s all about the crazy programmed drum patterns, the inviting synth within the intro, not to mention the driving bass throughout which is legendary. We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting DAZ, the man behind this track, whilst playing on Cyndicut FM a few years back.

Dillinja – Hard Noize

One of the greatest D&B producers in the game and sets the bar for that ‘analogue’ sound every producer craves. For us this one still stands out when dropped in a rave today.  

Ram Trilogy – Mind Overload

Late 90’s up to the mid 00’s was such a magical sound and time for D&B and Ram Trilogy played a big part in that. We love the subtle edits that keeps the listener constantly interested, a forever progressing banger. Definitely a bit of Killswitch!

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl

One of the finest 12″ records around with ‘Cutslo’ on the flip side. ‘Alien Girl’ is a such a raw and gritty tech step classic. A true masterpiece.


Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows

This is one of the most recognisable tracks for us and the DNB generation. Played by all the biggest DJs, even as the crescendo of their sets during our early years raving. Again, it’s that old skool sound we used to hear from the hardware samplers like the Akai 3000, which is hard to replicate these days digitally.

The Beginning

Now check out their new single to see if you can hear the D&B influences listed above in their production…

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