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LoveThatBass The Annual Volume 2


2022 has been a busy year for LoveThatBass!..

We kicked the year off with a hugely popular remix competition. Each month has seen a new release on the label, the website has been consistently growing in stature, and we recently hosted our successful debut event!

With over 60,000 tracks uploaded to Spotify each day, The Annual compilation is a chance to look back on the year’s achievements, to discover music that you missed, or to unearth hidden gems buried under the mountain of new music released week in week out.

Album Exclusive

‘The Annual Vol 2’ opens with a peek into the label’s future. ‘The Showman’ is an exclusive track to this compilation taken from a forthcoming EP from the incredibly talented AKAS, which is already receiving praise from Andy C, John B, Nicky Blackmarket, Aries, Kleu, & Kenny Ken just to name a few!

Talented Artists

As a label we have amassed a pool of talented artists from across the multitude of drum & bass sub-genres to make our catalogue refreshingly varied in styles & flavours.

Artists as diverse as Kleu, Jaydan, Lowriderz, Waypoint, Oversight, Killswitch, DJ Ollie, Rude Awakening UK & DJ Twista are all showcased on this compilation. Throughout the year these artists have received airplay on BBC Radio 1 & Kiss UK, been featured in popular Spotify playlists, and charted on both Beatport & JunoDownload.



The LoveThatBass The Annual – Volume 2 album is available for you to listen on all major music platforms

What’s Next?

There is already plenty lined up for the 2023 release schedule from artists such a Georgia Phoenix, Kbyat, AKAS & DJ Ollie… LoveThatBass is most definitely on an upward trajectory!


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