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5 Drum and Bass Record Labels That Dominated The Last Decade


Drum and Bass has been a powerhouse genre for over two decades, and during that time many record labels have risen to prominence, each with their own unique sound and style. We take a look at the best drum and bass record labels of the last decade, the labels who’s influence & output have shaped and grown the scene we know and love for the past ten years…

Hospital Records

No list of drum and bass record labels is complete without mentioning Hospital Records. Founded in 1996 by London Elektricity, the label has been a consistent force in the genre, releasing some of the most iconic tracks and albums of the last decade.

The label’s signature sound is a fusion of soulful, liquid, and atmospheric drum and bass, and their A&R team have nurtured some of the biggest names in the scene, including High Contrast, Netsky, Danny Byrd, S.P.Y, and Camo & Krooked.

Their Hospitality club nights and festivals around the world, such as the recently announced Hospitality On The Beach event in Croatia, are synonymous with good vibes & great music.

Critical Music

Critical Music was founded in 2002 by Kasra, and the label has been a driving force in the genre ever since. With a focus on cutting-edge, forward-thinking drum and bass, Critical has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre and helped to shape its evolution.

The label’s roster includes heavyweights like Enei, Emperor, and Mefjus, and their events are known for their high energy and intense atmosphere.

Shogun Audio

Founded in 2004 by Friction and K-Tee, Shogun Audio has become one of the most respected labels in the drum and bass scene. The label’s sound is a fusion of techy, rolling drum and bass and atmospheric, melodic soundscapes.

Shoguns roster, both past & present, showcases some of the most exciting artists in the genre, Alix Perez, Icicle, Spectrasoul and Technimatic to name just a few.


Shogun Audio is also known for its high-quality events at venues such as Steel Yard, Outernet, Volks & Wire are infamous for their amazing sound and stunning visual production.


Metalheadz is a legendary drum and bass label that was founded in 1994 by Goldie. Metalheadz has always been known for its uncompromising approach to the music which has garnered attention from both within in the D&B scene and beyond.

The label’s sound is a fusion of deep, dark, and atmospheric drum and bass. Their original roster of artists featured some of the most iconic names in the genre, such as Photek, Dillinja, Doc Scott, John B and Digital. Fresh talent such as Grey Code, Friske, J:Kenzo & Phase are leading the label into the future.

RAM Records

Founded in 1992 by Andy C and Ant Miles, RAM Records has been a dominant force in the drum and bass scene for over two decades. The label’s sound is a fusion of high-energy, dancefloor-focused drum and bass and soulful, melodic tracks. RAM’s roster has produced some of the biggest names in the D&B genre, including Andy C, Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Chase & Status, Delta Heavy, and Culture Shock.


In conclusion, the last decade has seen the drum and bass sound reach new audiences & headlining some amazing festival stages… These labels have been at the forefront of that movement. With their unique sounds and forward-thinking approach to the music, they have helped to shape the genre and bring it to new heights. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the scene, these labels are essential listening for anyone who loves drum and bass.

Labels To Watch

While the labels above have dominated the past decade, who will be at the forefront for the next era in our musics development?

Who know’s? Labels come & go as tastes and fashions change, but there are a few that have built solid reputations and followings over the past few years. 3 notable mentions have to be DnB Allstars, Jungle Cakes & Souped Up, all have come with a professional approach, some amazing events, and more importantly exciting catalogues of music.

Finally, because you’ve read this far, we’re cheekily going to suggest you also keep an eye on our own LoveThatBass label. We have fresh music dropping each & every month from artists such as Kleu, AKAS, Waypoint, Georgia Phoenix, Kbyat, Jaydan & Oversight.

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