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AC MC & Skuff’s Stunning Music Video


Lyrical realist AC MC has teamed up with soulful drum & bass connoisseur Skuff, with a delicately crafted masterpiece ‘For Certain’, the 240th single release on DJ SS’ longstanding Formation Records label.

Who Is AC MC?

AC MC has been a staple on the UK D&B circuit for a over a decade now, playing for all the major event promoters.

After winning Best Breakthrough MC at the 2018 Drum & Bass Awards, he began tutoring students part-time at the Academy of Contemporary Music, teaching on the first “Rap and MC” degree in the UK.

He promotes self-reliance and a positive attitude through his music and clothing line ‘Ace’s High’, items of which he’s wearing in this video.


For Certain Remixes

Skuff’s aesthetic on the original mix harks back to the glory days of drum & bass with its musicality, rolling breaks and vivid atmospherics. To compliment the AC MC & Skuff original, this release comes with a package of remixes, each one specifically crafted around the soul and essence of ‘For Certain’.

Four brilliantly inspired remixes have been supplied by DJ SS, Dunk, High Roll, & Soul Savaz.

  1. For Certain – Original Mix
  2. For Certain – DJ SS & Dunk Remix
  3. For Certain – High Roll Remix
  4. For Certain – Hip Hop Mix
  5. For Certain – Soul Savaz ft. DJ SS Acoustic Mix

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