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AKAS Pays Homage With New EP


Not only is AKAS one of the most talented, versatile producers about, but he’s also a good friend of ours, so when he told us about the new project he’s working on we just had to get more details to share with you!

Let’s get straight into it, tell us about the ‘Homage’ project, what’s the inspiration behind it?

I really wanted to do a project where I could show off my love of jungle music. I wanted to try recreating different D&B / jungle genre styles from over the years past, adding a modern twist and a little bit of nostalgic flavour

Where did your love of jungle music start?

When I was very young I discovered pirate radio by mistake on my Goodmans hifi and became obsessed with the sound. That then fuelled an addiction of spending all my pocket money on vinyl

Which DJs / producers inspired you back in your early days of music production?

So many but here are a few that come to mind, Krome & Time, Pascal, M Beat, Omni Trio, Hype, DJ Die


You’ve recently had releases on Suburban Base, some bits with Spyda, and forthcoming music on DnB Allstars… Like your track Old Skool New Skool your music seems to encompass various D&B sub genres, is that something you enjoy?

I just love drum n bass, I always have and I have always wanted to be as versatile as possible


I know that ‘Homage’ is a bit of a passion project for you. What are your plans for it going forward?.

There will be 3 parts, it basically turned into an album project, Part 2 and 3 will follow up later on in the year

This project is coming on Deep In The Jungle records. Why did you choose that label for this release?.

DJ Hybrid is a good friend, and he totally shares the same passion. Deep In The Jungle, his label, has a solid following of jungle lovers and I thought it would be the perfect place to release it

2 Free Downloads

You’ve released 2 free downloads to tie in with ‘Homage’, give us a quick overview of each track

‘Homage’ as you know is the title track and was made in the darker style of jungle from the 95 era. It’s more of a listening track for me and includes personal recording samples from my old radio tapes. I was a massive pirate radio head, and would religiously lock in and record shows on stations such as Cyndicate, Kool FM, & Rude FM


‘Turn It Around’ is more of a roller in the style of full cycle and is more of a mixing tool so I thought it would be good to put them together and make a sampler that is free to download


Finally what’s next in the pipeline for AKAS? We’re hoping there’s another release for our label?!!

I am currently working on part 2 of Homage, I have a few remixes on the go including a jungle classic, so i really hope i can do it justice. and my next release will be at the end of May on Suburban Base and yes i will be making another appearance on the Love that Bass label!

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