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Calyx & Teebee Do Anything For Attention


Calyx & TeeBee are back with their first vocal tune since the release of ‘Intravenous’ back in 2018.

What’s more there is a cool video, which debuted on UKF YouTube channel, to visually represent the track.

Social Media Validation

‘Anything For Attention’ is a reflection of today’s current digital climate & social media validation, something I think we all recognise in our society.

Penned & sung by Larry Cons, aka Calyx, ‘Anything For Attention’ is a reawakening of Calyx & TeeBee’s emotionally deeper troves.

Who doesn’t love Calyx’s vocal tones? Especially when layered over a distorted, funky bassline!!

Calyx & Teebee

New Calyx & Teebee Album

It’s been revealed that Calyx & Teebee have set a date for the release of their next album, although that date is yet to be made public.

As big fans of their ‘Plates’ series we’re just happy knowing there is more great music from the duo forthcoming in 2022.

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