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Label Focus – Biological Beats


Biological Beats is one of the few record labels in the D&B scene to be run by an MC. Most labels are either fronted by a DJ, or producer. Fatman D has elevated the Bio Beats imprint to tastemaker status, discovering & pushing breakthrough artists such as DJ Limited, Traumatize, Flat T & Hizzleguy to name just a few.

We headed down to Kent to speak to Fatman D more about his Biological Beats empire…

Firstly, something we seem to be asking everyone at the minute, how have the past few months been for you? Must be odd not having and gigs to be playing at?

I’ve been keeping busy with label stuff. You know, taking on new artists, scheduling in releases on the labels. I’ve touched mic at a few sit down parties, done a couple of radio shows, but that’s it really

What made you want to start a label in the first place?

Originally there were a few people involved in Biological Beats. Terminal State were the 2 of the other guys. We just wanted to start getting music out there. Terminal State were making the beats, between us we knew all the producers to get tracks from & all the DJ’s to get the music to.

Down the line Terminal State went their own way, then another business partner left and I carried it on alone

Biological Beats

Not many drum and bass MC’s have started their own imprints. Why do you think that is? Off the top of my head the only other MC fronted labels I can only think of MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings, or Fearless’ Hustlin Beats


I don’t know to be honest with you?

I was a DJ before I started MCing, me & DJ Rekless from Ten Ton Beats used to play together back in the day. Cos of that I’ve always had an ear for music, I know what’s good & what’s not.

Once you reach a certain level, MCing is a full time job, I guess maybe other artists have their own things going on?

Do you ever think about getting back behind the turntables again?

Nicky Blackmarket keeps telling me to get back into DJing again cos he knows how good I am ?

I might do, you never know, but I’ll warn you I got bare tunes… If I start DJing again people are getting duppied!!

Nicky Blackmarket

You’ve found some really talented producers over the years. Do you actively scout for new talent? You must be listening through a lot of demos

Can I give you a little history?

So as I said Terminal State left. Shortly after that Neil (DJ Dominator) & your cousin Greg started booking me for their Distortion events over in Suffolk, so I got to know those guys. Fast forward, Neil starts sending me tunes he’s made.

Dominator then brings in Telekom & Flat-T. Now we’re starting to make a little bit of an outfit. Over the years guys like Limited, Traumatize, Hizzleguy, Enta, Bou all come on board.

Don’t get me wrong, I do go out looking for new talent, but artists that I’ve got will recommend people, like “Look at him”, “Have you seen what so & so is doing?” so I’ll check them out & if I like their music I’ll drop them a message

Breakthrough Artists

Traumatize is the most recent breakthrough from the Biological Beats camp. His remix of Bubble for Chase & Status was so sick! What was it you saw in him to make you want to sign him?

He was already making tunes on another label before I found him. It was actually Limited that told me about him, he asked me if I’d heard a remix that he’d done for Simula or someone like that? I liked his tracks so I hit him up & asked him to send me some tunes… The rest is history!

DJ Limited is another artist you nurtured. He’s now doing big things on DJ Hype’s Playaz label. How does that feel when an artist you bring through moves on? Is it satisfying to know you had a hand in their success?

It’s good, it’s good. 

Me & Limited went for a meeting with Hype, we had dinner & conversations to talk the deal over.

Limited isn’t just an artist to me, he’s one of my good friends and this is something he wanted to do, so I was like yeah, cool, go do your ‘ting!


It was recently announced that Hungarian artist Puppetz will be releasing his debut album on Bio Beats! Is this the first album project you’ve done on the label?

We‘ve had a couple of various artist compilations, We Are The Team back in 2014, and then this year we did Fatman D Presents 15 Years Of Biological Beats. But this will be Puppetz first full length artist album project.

Obviously Puppetz is known as a jump up producer, but he’s exploring all angles of D&B on the album, he’s got a liquid / neurofunk type thing on there, there’s a few rollers. It’s a good album


Hexa’s Wu Tang EP just came out, he’s definitely a name to watch! What else can we expect from Biological Beats over the coming months?

Loads! Tomoyoshi just had a release on Young Guns. Atmosphere, a new artist, has a Young Guns release coming on Monday featuring Flowdan & Relic. 4th December is Toxinate’s debut Bio Beats single. 7th December is Kastro’s Violate EP featuring Kyst Cortez & Pastry Maker. On 14th December is the big one, Sirens by Sub Killaz & Profile. Then the Puppetz Invasion LP we already talked about drops on 21st December

That’s a busy release schedule!

How do you decide what’s going to come out on Young Guns & what you’ll put on Biological Beats?

Think of it like football. Young Guns is my Under 21’s squad. You start there, if you’re good enough you move onto Bio Beats. Toxinate was getting a mad response on Young Guns so I moved him up to the next division.

Bou & Enta all started out on Young Guns… Watch out for Enta & KY they’re both gonna blow!

Finally, you’re pushing all these other artists, can we expect any Fatman D projects floating about? 

I got a couple of hip hop freestyles out there & that. I got that one tune with Upgrade ‘Bring The Hype’. I done a D&B thing with Voltage & Majistrate. 

I just finished my brand new solo EP called Tales From The South. That’ll be coming out in 2021 and features beats from Limited, Traumatize, Profile & Replicant from San Diego

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