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Bryan Gee Selects 5 Infamous V Recordings Tracks


Bryan Gee is, without a doubt, one of the most respected people in drum & bass. Known for his bass heavy DJ sets & incredible selection of dub plates, Bryan has been an ever-present authority since the early days of rave. A tastemaker, with grandmaster-level A&R skills.

As jungle took over from hardcore, Bryan Gee linked up with Roni Size and Krust and a D&B institution was born… V Recordings distinguished by that iconic sun-face logo! V Recordings has become a mainstay in the drum & bass music scene regularly hosting events, sharing podcasts, & releasing music from talented artists such as Alibi, Command Strange, DJ Die, Need For Mirrors, L-Side, Serum, SL8R, Chimpo, Paul T & Edward Oberon.

Bryan Gee

We were lucky enough to speak to the man himself to get his run down of the 5 most infamous V Recordings tracks. The cuts that got the label noticed & built it into the drum & bass powerhouse that it is today.

Bryan Gee’s Selections

Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing

I start with this as, for me, it was the first track that we released and got people talkin and was played by everyone… It was a fresh sound, later to be know as the Bristol sound. We called it the Omar tune cause it had that ‘There’s Nothing Like This‘ feel to it.

Krust – Warhead

Like it says on the tin! Krust was always playing around with crazy noises and frequencies and making music out if it, and that’s what Warhead was about… Cookin’ up some crazy shit till it gets so potent it explodes

Roni Size – It’s Jazzy

This one to gets the party started right! This is classic Bristol vibes… Roni was on a roll with the funkiest double bass you’ll ever hear. Catchy hook and a serious groove! 

Adam F – Brand New Funk

Probably my favourite intros on V… It’s incredible Adam came to us as soon as he made this track and said “Bryan I made this track and it’s got to come out on V“. When I heard it I was blown away and honoured to see someone like Adam could make such a great track and decided it had to be on V, even though he had us own imprint. It proved to me that we had a special sound that it could make artist have to say this tune belongs on the label and was and still is one of the greatest tune we’ve released on V.

DJ Marky & XRS – LK

Another special track alongside ‘Sambasim‘ for opening up doors outside of the jungle / D&B market. It opened up the Latin world & Brazil to our sound which has been very influential for the label.


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