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Chris From The Prototypes Announces New Project


Having collaborated on 2 huge albums, countless singles, a 24 hour live stream, a unique show on the i360 in Brighton, won multiple awards, recieved daytime airplay on BBC Radio 1, and performed hundreds (maybe 1000’s) of DJ sets, The Prototypes are coming to an end in their current form of both Chris & Nick.

Having first met in the 2000’s through Brightons rave scene it wasn’t until 2010 that the duo released their first singles on labels such as Infrared, Formation Records and Viper Recordings before signing to Shogun Audio in 2011, which is when their profile & career really took off!

Over the years The Prototypes have been consistently on point with the quality of their musical output, and have constantly pushed boundaries with their DJ sets, such as their Odyssey concept with the late great MC Skibadee.

With all these amazing achievements under their belt, Chris has now decided to step down from his role making music as part of the duo to focus on a solo career.

Chris Announces New Project

In a post released on The Prototypes social media pages today Chris announced the following statement:

Hey Guys, Chris here with an update for you all…

It goes without saying that myself and Nick have been lucky enough to have an amazing career and I think we both agree a career we never expected to happen. Putting our all in and blindly following our soul’s desires has left a road trodden in our lives that I will forever be proud of having had my part in and working alongside my brother Nick along the way who I send maximum love to.

Our journey as The Prototypes is coming to an end in its current form as I am stepping down from making music for the duo to focus on my solo work. The people that we’ve connected with because of The Prototypes has been life changing and I can’t express my gratitude enough. To each and every one of you who have supported us along the way, thank you so much for being part of that journey & please be rest assured that all gigs in the diary will be honoured with more to be announced which will be updated soon.


With that being said, I’ve had an inner voice and calling for a long time that’s always wanted to be an artist and creative in my own right. Enter my new alias ‘Circadian’.

I’ve been dabbing my toe into bass house (more to come), film music and other genres for a while wondering how to go about this itch in a way that doesn’t affect The Protos but you know what, I fucking love Drum & Bass. I love the music, I love the people within it, and I love it as a scene and my piers.

Please share the news and follow my new page Circadian across all platforms! Starting from scratch is both exciting and hella scary! BUT I’m well up for this, thankyou to anyone that has helped me personally over the last year. I’m very proud to of made it to this stage and have my first release on Elevate Records – ‘Circadian – Body Work’ which is out on the 26th May and you can find the pre-order on my new page. I can’t wait to show you all what I have to come. 

Big love and respect, I will see you again 🙂

This Is NOT The End For The Prototypes

While Chris is off to do his own thing this is most definitely not the end for The Prototypes!! They have a big new single ‘Unplug The Clock’ out right now on their own Get Hype label, plus a big tour about the be announced.

We wish Chris all the best with his new project & can’t wait to hear what Nick has in store for us going forward as The Prototypes!

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