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Corona’d D&B Documentary


The Corona Virus pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the clubbing industry. We’ve been social distancing, in & out of lockdowns, and in various tiers for almost a full year now.

While we miss getting our rave on, some moments of amazing creativity & innovation have come from this period of craziness. Online streaming rave events became a proper thing, artists set up classes to teach their once secretive production skills to those willing to learn. This website you’re reading right now wouldn’t have come to fruition had I not found myself at a loose end when my job promoting events suddenly got put on hold.

Another person who decided to get creative is Ned Graham, from Salisbury (UK), who put together this short Corona’d D&B Documentary about the affect Covid-19 is having on the drum and bass industry.


The Corona’d D&B Documentary features interviews with names such a Turno, Laurie Charlesworth, DJ Silver and Goast (owner of Goat Shed), who talk about the fallout of lockdown, the how they adapted, and how to help artists through these difficult times.

The Film Maker

Ned Graham is currently living in London where he studies film making at the London South Bank University.

Corona'd D&B Documentary

We spoke to him about his background in film making & why he wanted to cover this subject matter…
My only background in film and editing is what I’ve learnt on my uni course as well from studying for an A level in Media.

This was the first film I’ve made by myself so I wanted to make it about a subject I’m passionate about. I’ve always loved DnB as a genre and attending raves and love to immerse myself in the scene as much as possible. I came up with the idea for the doc in November after hearing on the news about how much the music industry and the arts in general have been struggling during the pandemic.

As someone who will hopefully be going into the arts industry I thought it was really important share this and that this was the perfect time to do it“.


We’ll be following his YouTube channel & look forward to watching his next drum and bass related project!

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