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D&B Scene Loses A Legend


Yesterday the drum and bass scene lost one of its soldiers, Music House legend Leon Chue.

While most ravers may not know the name, Leon was a vital part of the emerging jungle scene. He was the engineer that cut the dubplate’s that your favourite DJ’s were playing up & down the country & across the world!

Music House

Jungle don Tee Bone made this documentary a few years ago, about the legendary Music House cutting studio, which best shows Leon’s involvement…

The One

Mampi Swift posted this video explaining how Leon was responsible for the title of his anthem ‘The One’

Of course condolences are being posted on social media from all that knew him. While I didn’t know Leon well, he was always friendly & helpful whenever I went to Music House back in the day.

Sending thoughts, prayers & love to all his friends & family ?

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