DJ Hazard’s Original Jungle Samples


DJ Hazard gets his music put under the spotlight in the latest video released on the Original Jungle Samples YouTube channel.

Digging into DJ Hazards back catalogue is always a pleasure, but Original Jungle Samples have taken things one step further and hunted down the original sample sources used in some of his most seminal tracks.

Playaz classics such as ‘Time Tripping’, ‘It’s a Secret’, ‘Bricks Don’t Roll’ & ‘Machete’ are all included in this run down of DJ Hazards Top 15 Samples. Having watched the video, I’m now even more impressed by Hazards skills in the studio! Who else could take a throwaway vocal snippet from Mariah Carey & make it the key element in a rave destroying dancefloor banger?

Original Jungle Samples

While the concept of Original Jungle Samples isn’t new, they do it well. I’ve seen these sorts of sample source videos done many times before for other genres, but it’s nice to see the focus on drum & bass in this series. The team behind the channel have obviously spent a lot of time doing their research and clearly have high production standards for their features.

Hazard is the most recent drum and bass artist to have the curtain pulled back on his sample sources. Previous Original Jungle Samples expositions have featured drum & bass / jungle music production legends such as Calibre, Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Commix, High Contrast to name a few.

Dub Machine 3000

The timing of Original Jungle Samples publishing DJ Hazards Top 15 Samples video is, I’m sure, no coincidence given that he’s just released his hot new EP on Playaz. The ‘Dub Machine 3000’ EP is the first new music from Hazard since the unexpected drop on Christmas Day of ‘When the Dreams Are Over’.

The new EP features 5 drum and bass cuts all featuring that unique, bass driven, DJ Hazard flavour. My personal favourite track is ‘Wiggly Worm’, but I recommend you go listen to the full EP and decided for yourself which track you like best.

DJ Hazard Collaborations

Hazard is currently in the lab working on a top secret project. He’s been posting videos on his Instagram page giving small insights or some of the artists who’ve been passing through his impressively kitted out studio. Bou, Taxman, Nicky Blackmarket, Emperor, DJ Limited & Tyke are just a few of the D&B illuminati that we’ve spotted.

Music Software Bundles from

We’re already excited to hear how some of these collaborations are going to turn out!

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