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DJ Phantasy + Rampage present Phantasyland


Crowd favourite DJ Phantasy has teamed up with Belgian mega drum & bass event promoters Rampage to present to you a very special audio & visual stream.

Phantasyland takes us on a journey through sight and sound, to a ‘world where music matters‘. A 30 minute exploration of virtual club spaces both real & unreal. A true fantasy trip into settings industrial, organic & volcanic, exploring the deepest underground caverns to the top of the highest peaks. It’s been so long since we went to a rave even the virtual festival scenes feel like something out of a dream!!!!

Phantasy Exclusives

We spoke to DJ Phantasy to find out more on how this mix came to be…

During this past year, I’ve seen lots of streams and I have been asked to do countless but have refused to do any. I decided that if I was to do a stream it would need to be something that was eye catching as well as playing great music.“

“I spoke with Matt Cromwell who’s been responsible for all my visuals for the last few years and we came up with a concept. Once we had the idea down I got to work on the music.”

DJ Phantasy

All the tracks are produced or co-produced by me. I went down that angle to get around any issues with online takedowns which seems to be happening a lot. There was plenty of music to choose from, I’ve been making a ton of music over the past year, including new music for SaSaSaS. I’ve got so much that I’m going to be releasing a new track every 2 weeks until June!!”

“When the mix and visuals were done, I spoke to my friends at Rampage and they loved the idea so we decided on a date and got everything in place.”

“It was a great thing to do and it was great to see so many people watching. I had so many messages from people saying, why’s it only 30 minutes haha, I just want to say, those visuals aren’t made in a day! It took months to get the whole thing in time with the music and to build those virtual stages.”


We have plans to do a 3D Virtual Reality Phantasyland experience, I will reveal more details about in the coming weeks. And when clubs & festivals are allowed to take place agin, we can transfer all these visuals to live events!”


Rampage unfortunately were one of the first victims of the global pandemic. Their huge 2020 festival was cancelled just days before the event was supposed to take place. This cancellation made headlines in the dance music press & even gained national TV coverage. Regrettably they were just the first of many in what has now been a year long dry spell of cancellations & disappointments for club, rave, and festival culture.

Rampage 2021

Their rescheduled Rampage 2021 event is scheduled for 23rd & 24th April to take place in Antwerp, Belgium. Fingers crossed that will be able to go ahead, check the Rampage website for updates as they’re announced.

It’s great to see them getting involved with virtual rave experiences like this.

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