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DJ Sly Charged With Rape


On 5th May 2022 Essex Police reported that Paul Gellen, better know to drum and bass fans as DJ Sly, had been charged with 2 counts of rape.

DJ Sly who rose to prominence as the DJ for the Shadow Demon Coalition denied the charges but was found guilty on Thursday 5 May during a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Statement From Essex Police

Essex Police released the news of the conviction on their website stating:

Paul Gellen sexually assaulted the victim in December 2019 and then raped her in March 2020.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Liv Howells, from the Adult Sexual Assault Investigation Team, said:

Paul Gellen is a sexual predator who saw the victim’s vulnerabilities as an opportunity.

On both occasions she was not in a position to give consent and Gellen took advantage of this for his own sexual gratification.

The absence of someone saying ‘no’ is not the same as them saying yes.

I cannot stress enough the importance consent in any situation where sex or sexual activity may take place. If either party says ‘noor is not in a position to say ‘yes’, then stop.



Yesterday (Thurs 13th Oct), at Chelmsford Crown Court, Gellen was jailed for 15 years, and received a further six on licence.

Reactions From The D&B Scene

News of the convictions against Gellen have sparked reaction from members of the D&B scene.

Serum branded the news as “Absolutely disgusting behaviour that has no place in the scene”

Charlie Tee, who will be taking over the Drum & Bass Show on Radio 1, responded to Serums comments saying that “We need more artists in positions of power to follow suit/call out this behaviour”.

DJ Kane responded to a Tweet by Jack Workforce to say “Yes… I’m guilty of looking for the outrage from my peers while also not saying anything myself”

Since hearing of the conviction Dr Meaker has taken steps to have a remix that Sly did removed…

Finally Murdock from Rampage in Belgium made it clear that these types of people would never be given a platform at his events…

Gellen is due to be sentenced at the Chelmsford Crown Court on 8th June 2022.

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