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Dom Whiting Gets England’s Party Going


Dom Whiting, most famous for his D&B On A Bike live streams, this week was broadcast on mainstream TV as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Euro 2021 football tournament!

Adorned in his England football kit, Whiting took his custom made DJ bike across the country to “Get The England Party Going“, much like he’s been doing in his D&B live streams over the past few months.


Whiting’s advert was broadcast ahead of Englands winning opening game against Croatia in the UEFA European Football Championship 2021. England went on to win 1-0 in the game which took place at Wembley Stadium.

Anyone who’s watched the Drum and Bass On A Bike live streams on YouTube will have enjoyed seeing Dom Whiting peddling across their TV’s. Fingers crossed he graces our screens ahead of every England game!

Dom Whiting

To date Dom has transmitted his Drum and Bass On The Bike session from towns such as London, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff & Oxford

D&B On A Bike

Since we interviewed Dom Whiting back in May, one of his first interviews might I add, he’s built up quite a following. His Bristol, Brighton & Cardiff streams have seen crowds joining him for the ride while he cycles & spins the tracks. He’s even expanded to doing Techno On A Bike streams!

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