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Drum And Bass On A Bike


Dom Whiting has become somewhat of a social media sensation with his live streams on a bike! Memorable sets include; Tour De Wycombe, Drum & Bass at the crossroads, and of course the epic stream around the streets of London on his very own custom DJ Bike. We caught up with the man himself to find out more.

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do when you’re not pedalling & playing? 

I’m 25 from High Wycombe and when I’m not on the bike I run my own car servicing & repairs business.

Let’s ask the question everyone is thinking… Why?

I started off with a couple cool static streams in random places but decided that I wanna take it to the next level! I was out for a drink one night with a friend and the suggestion of a biking & DJing came up.

I didn’t really take it seriously at first but by the next morning I was searching high and low for a bike suitable for what was in my head. Low and behold I found something and the modification build was on!

I’m guessing a DJ live stream from your bedroom just wasn’t enough of a challenge for you?

Unfortunately not. I’ve done a few don’t get me wrong, but I really wanted to draw people in to something that was unique and looked sick on camera.


What does the onboard DJ set up consist of?

The set up consists of: The bike, a power pack generator, decks, speakers, many cables, an internet source and of course me!

The Bike

Tell us about the bike. Was it specifically designed for DJing?

I bought the bike as standard and have heavily modified it to reach my needs of riding & DJing. I’ve put a lot of man hours into the modifications making sure everything is right… Well, I think it’s alright!

I’ve seen a couple of different bikes on your Facebook. Did your friend get sick of pedalling you around on the mark 1 version?

Yes, so I had like a prototype model, which for space and easiness for me was great, however like everything, things evolve and quickly I realised I can make this a one man band thing. So I went in search for yet another bike, which is the current one you see me riding around on.

Drum & Bass

It was your Drum & Bass on a bike streams that caught our attention. But you’ve also played some house sets. Do you have a musical preference?

I do. To be honest with you I like house & techno, so stay tuned for a variety of different mix series’ happening across my Facebook channel over the next few months. However I think we can all agree that everyone loves a bit of D&B!

What D&B track gets the most attention while you’re cycling the streets?

So far the most asked about tracks that I’ve played on the bike have been 2 of Goddards latest releases, Prospa & Nicotine. Also a few old school classics such as Sun Is Shining (Aries Bootleg) and a recent remix of Koffees Lockdown by Aries & Kelvin 373

Have you had any particularly memorable moments or comments on your travels?

Definitley Marlows DnB on the bike Ep1. I jumped in the Thames, madness, and still played for an hour after that. What a day.

What’s the plans for the future? Any more charity rides in the pipeline?

I’m thinking about maybe a London to Brighton charity ride which will be difficult but there’s nothing easy in life, riding a bike & DJing definitely isn’t one of them!!!

Anything else you want to shout about?
Absolutely! Thanks to everyone that’s messaged me, or shared the stream of me on the bike. Without people supporting I wouldn’t be doing it and I’m genuinely humbled with the response from everyone. It’s Mad! Hopefully I can continue this momentum. 

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