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Drum & Bass Gift Ideas For Christmas


We’ve compiled a list of Drum & Bass Gift Ideas For Christmas to suit all budgets, from stocking fillers to something a little more expensive…

It’s always a struggle this time of year knowing what to buy your family or friends for Christmas. Obviously you’d like to get them something they appreciate, but they already seem to have everything. Where do you start?

Thankfully we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for the perfect xmas present for the significant junglist in your life then we’re here to help!

Drum & Bass Gift Ideas

DJ Controllers

Ideal for any wannabe DJ’s. Why not treat them to the tools to help their dreams become a reality this Christmas?

DJ Controllers come in many sizes & all price ranges, cheaper for the entry level products, then climbing as you get into the more professional end of the market. Have a look at some models by quality brands such as Pioneer, Denon & Numark. The Pioneer XDJ-RX3 is a particularly lovely looking piece of kit!

Music Production Software

For the budding music producer how about buying them a Loopcloud subscription? Loopcloud gives access to 3.5 million royalty-free sounds, an extensive fx suite, cloud storage and endless inspiration. It’s the perfect gift for any music maker!

D&B Merchandise

Most big drum & bass brands have their own ranges of merchandise, and who wouldn’t appreciate a decent quality t-shirt to wear to a rave over the festival period? Have a look at our very own LoveThatBass t-shirts & caps… We will ship within 24 hours of you placing your order.

DJ Headphones

Anyone who’s into DJing needs a decent set of headphones. Ideally a pair that are both durable & loud. This is one item where I’d suggest investing well, the old phrase ‘Buy cheap,Buy twice’ really is true when it comes to DJ headphones.


While professional DJ friends have recommended both the Pioneer HDJ-S7K & AIAIAI TMA-2 models to me, I’ve unfortunately not used either. My personal recommendation would be the industry standard Sennheiser HD25 headphones. I’ve been using my current pair for over 10 years now and they’re still going strong!

Rave Tickets

You know what ravers like? RAVES! Why not treat your favourite drum & bass raver to a ticket for a forthcoming event?

New Years Eve is only round the corner & we’ve compiled a list of exciting looking NYE events happening around the country

Books About Drum & Bass

The past few years have seen a surge in biographies from drum and bass artists such as Goldie & DJ Phantasy. Publications based on the D&B genre such as the brilliant ‘Renegade Snares‘ or ‘Who Say Reload’, which both came out this year, are also ideal stocking fillers for any drum and bass lover! Check out the interviews we did with the authors of both these titles.

Hearing Protection

Anyone who attends raves regularly needs to be looking after their hearing. So what better gift to get them than these affordable, discrete High Fidelity Music Earplugs? Rated at -20dB of noise reduction & they even come with an aluminium case that can be used as a key ring.

Evermix Box

The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android smartphone, allowing you to record your DJ set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive. Order today & you’ll get 10% off using our referral link!

Hopefully this list of Drum & Bass Gift Ideas For Christmas helps give you some inspiration for what to buy your friend for Xmas? Or perhaps send this list to your relatives with a few hints of what you’d like to receive on Christmas morning?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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