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Drum & Bass Concept Playlist


Today see the launch of ‘Drum & Bass Concept’ a brand new D&B playlist on Spotify.

Playlists are an integral part of the modern musical landscape. They’re great for music lovers to discover new sounds, but for the artists & labels trying to make a living in the music industry being on the right playlists can push careers to the next level by exposing their tracks to a global audience.

Artists & labels can also use playlists to share the music they love with their audience, this is why we launched our own playlist. A shared love of music helps artists connect with fans on a far deeper level than posting pictures of their dinner on Instagram… Musical tastes are a very personal thing.

Over 60 Labels Come Together

Benny V
Benny V

We spoke with Benny V, label manager at Souped Up & one of the people behind the Drum & Bass Concept, to find out what sets this playlist apart from the rest…

One of the common conversations amongst producers and labels is not always having the ability to control what we want showcased to fans of our music. There are some fantastic playlists already, curated by some great individuals, groups or companies. What we wanted was a community feel, where the Drum & Bass scene pulls together to supply music from our camps, whether they be brand new or a curveball from the past. We currently have over 60 labels involved. All years. All Sub genres. Just great Drum & Bass

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