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Ego Trippin – The Beginning Of The End


With global pandemics, country wide lockdowns being imposed, and empty supermarkets due to panic buying, you could rightfully be mistaken for thinking The Beginning Of The End is a warning… Thankfully though this is something to look forward too.

Yesterday Logan D’s Low Down Deep record label announced the forthcoming release of Ego Trippin’s 3rd album, aptly titled The Beginning Of The End.

Ego Trippin

Ego Trippin, also known as Matt and Ian, have really made their mark on the drum and bass scene over the past few years, both winning awards & holding down an extremely hectic DJ schedule (Until Covid hit). Their production history, under various guises, stretches back to the early days of jungle, with releases on Splash & Juice alongside legendary artists like Undercover Agent and Majistrate. 

As a collective, the two have been working together since 1999 releasing material on labels such as Playaz subsidiaries Frontline & Global Thang, Andy C’s Frequency label, Micky Finn’s Finn People, Direct Recordings, 3rd Angle, Hi Def, G13, Higher Stakes, plus of course joining the squad at Subway Soundz and Low Down Deep.

Ego TrippinThe Beginning Of The End features 14 drum and bass dancefloor killers and is released on Low Down Deep on 25th November 2020

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