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Top 10 Free Drum & Bass Downloads


We’ve noticed a lot of labels & producers offering free drum & bass downloads recently, and not just emerging talent looking for a bit of exposure… There are some legitimately top tier artists letting off exclusives to keep their fans happy.

Due to social media algorithms limiting the reach on posts these days it’s becoming increasingly hard to stay up to date with everything that your favourite artists & labels are posting, as such you may have missed some of these free musical gems? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to hunt down, and compile a list, of our current top 10 free drum & bass downloads that you can add to your music collection today.


Not just 1 free track from Hazard, but 3! Head over to his Hazardous Material website to grab the freebies & exclusive dub packs

Free Downloads >


If you love original jungle flavours & styles then grab this red hot sampler for the ‘Homage EP’ by AKAS


Free Download >


Jaydan has unofficially remixed a bona fuse rave classic in the form of Liquid’s ‘Sweet Harmony’. Grab your free download now!

Free Download >


When artist like Kendrick Lamar & Skrillex team up you know it’s going to be fire! Then when an act of the calibre of Flowidus add their flavour to the mix it can only heat things up more… Go grab your copy

Free Download >


The original version of ‘Glue’ is a classic! Kanine has taken Bicep’s original track, put his own spin on it and made it available as a freebie!!

Free Download >

Georgia Phoenix

Following up her recent releases on Device, DNB Vibes, Riot Dubs & the SASASAS ‘Unite’ compilation, Georgia Phoenix is dropping a red hot bootleg of ‘Ganja Smuggling‘ as a free download

Free Download >

DJ Hybrid

Some jungle flavoured drum & bass from DJ Hybrid! Blind is an absolute banger, actually can’t believe he dropped this one as a freebie!

Free Download >

Blckhry & Amplify

Cryptic drop a free download to celebrate hitting 20k followers on Instagram, but grab it quick as it’s only available for a limited time!

Free Download >


Excellent drum & bass bootleg edit of Doja Cat’s track Vegas by Kravitz. This a a secret weapon for your DJ sets!

Free Download >

DJ Marky

Marky’s upbeat Latin inspired track is a Samba infused masterpiece. Rhythmic congas and saxophones steadily merge to a warping synth break – an incredible feat that only one man can pull off! 

Free Download > Innerground Bandcamp

One More For You

Thanks for checking this article. I really enjoyed hunting down these free drum & bass downloads for you. I think I’m going to be doing this more often. Make sure you check back to LoveThatBass regularly so you don’t miss anything. Any you think should have been included? Post them on our Facebook page.

For sticking about right to the end of this article here’s an extra bonus 11th freebie from Dimension!

More Music For You

Have a listen to all the freshest drum & bass on our very own LoveThatBass record label. Our music covers the full spectrum of the jungle / dnb genre with tracks from the likes of Kleu, Waypoint, Glitch City, AKAS, Jaydan, Georgia Phoenix, Oversight & more!

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