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Genic’s Rough Nights Get Dispatched


D&B production duo Genic release their biggest project yet, their album ‘Rough Nights’ on Dispatch Recordings.

Genic’s rapid ascent through the drum and bass ranks have been fuelled in no small part by a wealth of DJ support from key selectors such as DJ Hype, Doc Scott, Noisia, Rene LaVice, Xtrah, and Ant TC1.

Their recent release on Playaz, Droplets alongside Xtrah, exposed their music to a wider audience. News around their album has no doubt whet fan’s appetites for the release.


The ‘Rough Nights’ album features an array of influences covering DnB, techno, hip hop and reggae. This, as well as a tenacity to improve themselves as humans and music producers, has lead to an innate ability to create a wide variety of musical genres and styles whilst retaining their meticulously crafted signature ‘Genic’ sound which is displayed throughout this album.

The album sampler ‘Grow’, which included a digital only exclusive track ‘Disposal’, teases that ‘Rough Nights’ is proving to be one of Genic’s most expansive musical exploits to date..


4.The Cycle
5.Bring It
6.Rough Nights
8.Sore Throat
9.Lulling Over

The lush bass tones of ‘Grow’ open the album, followed by the more robotic chimes of ‘Think’ which move us forward through the albums musical journey. Long-time Dispatch roster members Philth and Wreckless present themselves alongside Genic for ‘Radiation’, as ‘The Cycle’ keeps the LP broodingly ominous.

The breaks of ‘Bring it’ and title track ‘Rough Nights’ with its softer underbelly sit midway on the track list, whilst ‘Oreo’, ‘Sore Throat’ and ‘Lulling Over’ draws the curtains whilst exposing three more explosively subterranean selections.

Creative Freedom

‘Rough Nights’ is out now on Dispatch Recordings and the album highlights the labels ability to give artists creative freedom as well as the platform they deserve. Label boss Ant TC1 is no stranger to running successful labels, he’s also the label manager of the ground breaking Metalheadz imprint!


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