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Grand Theft Audio Drop Some Fresh Music


In the nearly 9 years since its inception Grand Theft Audio Recordings has been the birthplace of such acts as Data 3, Sl8r, Sola, Charlie B, Jfal and dozens of others.

The ethos behind Grand Theft Audio is a celebration of the full spectrum of Drum & Bass and Jungle music. This album is a manifestation of this mission statement on a scale never attempted by the label before, building on the foundations of their GTA50 compilation released in 2021.

The Fresh Music Annual 2022 is the first in what will be a yearly flagship album, where every tune is being released for the first time. Starting as they mean to go on, GTA have sourced 32 brand new tracks from across the globe, covering the full spectrum of drum & bass sub genres / vibes, all while maintaining an impeccable level of quality control.

Want You Tonight Premiere

We’re pleased to premiere Want You Tonight, a collaboration between longtime friends and studio buddies Oversight and Drifta. The track layer Asian strings, big bass and nods to old skool rave. This track is both ethereal and here to do dancefloor damage!

Fresh Music Annual

52 producers/vocalists from around the planet have lovingly crafted music for every occasion. From the deepest liquid depths, to the bounciest jump up bangers, through the grittiest industrial tech & neuro slappers, to the choppiest jungle riddims and back to the most anthemic dancefloor stompers, and everything in between.

Grand Theft Audio’s Fresh Music Annual 2022 is out on 2nd December.

More Music For You

Have a listen to all the freshest drum & bass on our very own LoveThatBass record label. Our music covers the full spectrum of the jungle / dnb genre with tracks from the likes of Kleu, Waypoint, Glitch City, AKAS, Jaydan, Georgia Phoenix, Oversight & more!

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