J Mulla drops 6 Bills


14 year old J Mulla drops 6 Bills, his debut D&B single today.

J Mulla is no stranger to the world of drum and bass, it runs in his family. He’s the son of the legendary MC Eksman & the nephew of pioneering jungle producer Remarc!

Back in April, Eksman let his son jump on the mic to spit some bars during an online set with DJ Logan D. It’s fair to say his drill style delivery got him noticed… His 2 minutes on the mic was the main talking point of the 24 hour online festival!

Now some 5 months later 6 Bills, produced by DisKrete is released on Next Hype.

Eks’ Next Hype brand has always been about pushing the next generation of artists. Given the family connection it seems more than fitting that the Next Hype label releases music by Eksman’s actual next generation!

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