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Killswitch D&B Production Tips


Over the past few months Killswitch have been hard at work in the studio, the results of which are being drip fed into the public domain for you to listen to.

Their latest release dropped today on our own label and is the culmination of many phone calls and emails between artist & label to find the perfect follow up to their debut release with us back in 2021.

D&B Production Tips

In light of ‘What Time / Epidemic‘ being released, and of course the hours they’ve been putting in to the studio, we thought we’d ask the guys what their top 4 D&B production tips are, the things they use to ensure their tracks sound as good as they possibly can, here’s what they told us…

1. Source Sounds

The source sounds need to be top quality before you put anything down to stand half a chance of sounding great. All the plugins in the world won’t change the reality that the source sound isn’t good enough!

2. Less Is More

When mixing down your track, in regards to EQing and levels, never be afraid to take away from a sound if that’s what the mix requires, sometimes less is more!

3. Inspiration

Most importantly, for us… It’s being able to bounce off one another for inspiration.

4. Enjoyment

Enjoy what you do and never let progress over-shadow the passion that started your journey as a producer!  

Catch Killswitch At Our Event

On 26th November Killswitch will be playing our debut event Pure Science X LoveThatBass alongside artists such at DJ MarkyBryan GeeAmplifyEvil BMC GQ & more.
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Pure Science x LoveThatBass

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