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Konflict’s ‘Messiah’ Gets Remixed By Magnetude


The year is 2000, and Konflict’s ‘Messiah‘ is about to unknowingly become one of Drum and Bass music’s most timeless records.

Originally released as part of Renegade Hardware’s ‘Essential Rewindz‘ compilation, the track became part of a two-track EP and subsequently one of the most requested, bootlegged dancefloor weapons of the genre’s history. A certified anthem!

The track has been a mainstay in Andy C’s sets since it was released!

Messiah Remix

Fast-forward some 23 years, and the record is reemerging in a revamped, rough and raucous format courtesy of Budapest-based duo Magnetude, who have resurrected the track to become one of the most in-demand records they have ever made.

Part of the increasingly popular artist-led Evolution Chamber outfit, Magnetude’s latest offering tackles a culture-shaping piece of music extraordinarily, laying further claim to the duo’s incredible depths of creativity and innate ability to churn out tracks that flip your entire existence on its head for the duration.

Their remix of Konflict’s ‘Messiah‘ has been a mainstay in their sets for months, with ever-increasing attention and demand for its release.

If you’re privy to the heavyweight sonics of Magnetude’s previous releases, it will be no surprise that this remix is substantially large. Instantly recognisable with the original’s sampling throughout an impressive cinematic entrance, the record quickly takes shape as the break-neck neuro frenzy that it is.


Rustam Mansurov and James Peacock, known as Magnetude, are a Drum and Bass act with a unique and dramatic sound. Their music is heavily influenced by composers like Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman, Amon Tobin, John Williams, and Ilya Beshevli, who inspire their attention to detail, orchestral dynamics, and storytelling in music.


Their collaboration began in 2012 when they met on the Close 2 Death label, but it wasn’t until 2015 that their energy came together. In 2016, they released the ‘Hyperdrive’ EP on Lifted Music, gaining recognition on labels such as Eatbrain, Renegade Hardware, Viper, and RAM Records.

Their music has been featured in games like Project Cars and Freaked Fleapit, and they have performed at various events, including Creamfields, Let It Roll, Pirate Station, and XOYO. Recently, they co-founded the Magnetude Chamber collective, emphasising the strength of unity and collaboration in the music scene. With Magnetude, the story unfolds, and the journey continues with their powerful and captivating sound.

Magnetude remix of ‘Messiah’ is out now on Renegade Hardware

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