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Kool FM Returns On Super Sunday


At midday this Sunday the mighty Kool FM returns to the airwaves!

Since December 2022 Kool has been off air following the departure of Eastman, the stations founder & long standing manager. In January it was announced that the station had been acquired by none other than bass music mogul Geeneus & the team behind the infamous Rinse FM.

Over the past few weeks the Kool FM socials have teased an updated new red & black logo, some classic mixes from the stations pirate radio history featuring the likes of DJ Rap, Andy C, Pressure X & Mampi Swift, Marly Marl & DJ Kane, plus some talking head videos featuring Kool alumni Brockie & DJ Ron telling stories of the stations 30 year heritage.

Kool FM Super Sunday

At Midday (GMT) on 23rd April Kool FM explodes back onto the airwaves with a Super Sunday special.

Historically Kool FM’s Super Sundays were the days when the stations A-list did their shows, supplying the soundtrack for the day after whichever the big rave you attended the night before. Brockie & Det, Ruffstuff & Funsta, Nicky Blackmarket, Stevie Hyper D, Profile, Skibadee, Jinx and Jacknife, DJ Probe all graced these legendary Sunday Sessions.

Over 160 Artists Announced

An image has been released featuring the full roster of artists who will be hosting shows on the newly rebranded station, and its fair to say that they’ve gone all in!! The new Kool FM roster features over 160 names, catering for the full spectrum of Jungle / Drum & Bass both new & old.

World renowned artists such as Andy C, Break, Bou, Bryan Gee, DJ Rap, Kings Of The Rollers, Fabio & Grooverider, Sigma, Danny Byrd, Ed Rush, Optical, Harriet Jaxxon, Randall, Nicky Blackmarket & DJ Marky have shows, alongside original Kool DJ’s such as Brockie, Ron, Funky Flirt, Profile, Remadee, Ragga Twins, Younghead, Marky Marl, Chef & Shabba D.

Of the newly announced list of Kool FM shows Geeneus said I believe we have built a station for the true music fans & supporters of this very special genre.


Tune in and listen on Super Sunday via

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