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‘Launch’ The First Ever Drum & Bass Film


Inja is lost is space and only one man can save him… Former BBC Radio DJ Crissy Criss!

‘Launch’ is the gripping short film directed, produced, and written by drum & bass legend Crissy Criss, with co-production and director of photography by Josh Perrett.

In this groundbreaking, first ever drum & bass film, Crissy Criss not only pushes the boundaries of storytelling but also delivers an audiovisual experience that immerses the audience in the heart-pounding world of drum & bass, seamlessly blending the realms of music, science fiction, and visual storytelling.

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You’ll be thrust into the cosmic frontier as an astronaut, portrayed by drum & bass MC Inja, embarks on an extraordinary mission to explore the outer depths of our solar system.

The narrative takes a thrilling twist when the intrepid astronaut loses contact with ground control, a role played by Crissy Criss himself. The cause? Inja is unexpectedly pulled into the gravitational force of a menacing black hole, leaving both the character and the audience in suspense.

Undeterred by the dire circumstances, Crissy Criss transforms from ground control to the central character on a daring and perilous rescue mission. The film unfolds as a visually stunning and emotionally charged journey, with Josh Perrett’s director of photography skills capturing the vastness and beauty of space.

‘Launch’ is not just a cinematic spectacle but a testament to the power of collaboration, as the characters traverse the cosmos with the pulse of drum & bass propelling them forward. The film’s climax builds to a crescendo as Crissy Criss strives against all odds to rescue Inja from the clutches of the cosmic anomaly.

The official soundtrack, masterfully produced by Crissy Criss and remixed by Urbandawn, adds an additional layer of intensity to the film’s sonic landscape.


DnB Allstar Cast

Who else better to appear alongside Crissy Criss & Inja in this first ever drum & bass film than some of the scenes pioneers and legends?

The Ragga Twins
The Ragga Twins

Keep your eyes peeled for an allstar cast of supporting actors who you may recognise from the DNB scene. Arron Crascall, the Ragga Twins, Erb n Dub, Nicky Blackmarket, Jumpin Jack Frost, Logan D, Heist, Randall, Roni Size, Kenny Ken, Harry Shotta, DJ Hype, Carasel, Ray Keith, Brockie, & DJ Rap all make on screen appearances, plus the voice of TC.

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