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LoveThatBass Radio 001


The first instalment of LoveThatBass Radio went online today exclusively on Mixcloud.

Host DJ Ollie will guide you through all the latest & greatest music from the drum and bass scene each month, plus a bit of chat to keep you up to date on anything you may have missed on LoveThatBass throughout the month.


If you enjoy this episode please repost, share, spread the word, tell a friend, shout about it from your bedroom window if need be so the whole street knows what’s up! Also make sure you hit the ‘Follow’ button on our Mixcloud page so you never miss any future drum and bass radio shows from us.


  1. Rene LaVice – 2010 Steez
  2. Bass Brothers – Funky Pills
  3. DJ Hazard – Blue Cortina
  4. Gold Dubs – The Jungle Is Changing
  5. Whiney – Old Flame
  6. Jayfor – Techno Biscuit
  7. L Side & GQ – Zaga Dan
  8. D*Minds – Grenshaw
  9. John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)
  10. Pulse & Madcap – Green Project
  11. The Sauce – Scooby Doo
  12. Dutta – Blue Sushi
  13. Xtrah ft Genic – Droplets
  14. Shermanology & Mat.Joe – Burning (Platinum Breaks Remix)
  15. DJ Limited – You Got
  16. Critical Impact – Pretty Girl (The Sauce Remix)
  17. Filthy Habits – Back To Me
  18. Supreme Being – Bring It
  19. Dunk – Dubplate Style
  20. Carlito & Addiction – History
  21. Lovell – Oxford
  22. Harley D – Ninety Degrees
  23. PA – Tripped Up
  24. Bensley – Secrets (Flite Remix)
  25. DJ Ollie – From The Edge
  26. Ram Trilogy – Titan (Shimon Remix)
  27. Serum – Special Brew
  28. Hexa – Road Test
  29. Friction & Flava D ft Charlotte Haining – Now Or Never

Why Mixcloud?

LoveThatBass Radio

Mixcloud is the only open platform that pays all rights holders (artists, labels, songwriters, publishers).

LoveThatBass was founded at a time when so many artists, DJ’s, MC’s, promoters, venues & all the people behind the scenes in the events industry have been stuck without an income for almost a year. As this issue is so close to home for us it’s only right we do our part by using a platform that is ethically remunerating artists for their material.

Support LoveThatBass

We aim to keep building LoveThatBass and we have plenty of ideas on how to expand going forward, but we also have overheads. Help us cover our costs & look great doing it by grabbing one of our exclusive t-shirts or caps. All profits go directly back into maintaining & improving this site

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