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LTJ Bukem’s Tribute To MC Conrad


Social media has been awash with tributes & kind words following the shocking passing of the late, great, MC Conrad.

MC Conrad was one of the first wave MC’s in the drum & bass scene, who’s career dates back to the very early 90’s. His style of MCing was extremely complimentary to the music, his lyrics flowed seamlessly as if written specifically for the track – In fact a few of his flows were later added to tracks and released as vocal versions, such as The Western by PFM.

While his vocals are synonymous with incredible tracks alongside Total Science (Soul Patrol) and Makoto (Golden Girl), his most endearing collaboration was with LTJ Bukem.

The LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad partnership performed across the globe, spreading the drum & bass sound to parts of the world that had never hear it before – True pioneers! Under the Good Looking Records / Logical Progression brands they dominated the D&B scene in the 90’s & early 2000’s.

While the pair hadn’t performed together for a number of years, it was nice to see Bukem paying tribute to his former master of ceremonies..

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad

Over these last hours I’ve been struggling to process the enormity of what’s just happened.

The life of Connie Con (as I always called him) ending way too soon.

I’ve spent the entirety of the past two days thinking about the amazing times we spent together, the laughs, the tears.


The long car journeys and flights we embarked on, sleepless nights, deep conversations at 7 in the morning after 4 gigs in a night.

The countless hours we sat together in my house playing soul, hip-hop and everything else in-between to each other.

That incredible energy, emotion and synergy we shared on thousands of stages together. That look we’d give each other when a tune hit us both.

Connie was a Lyrical genius. I lost count of the amount of times I’d say — you need to write a book of poetry. His voice, rhymes and delivery were so unique from the first day I heard him MC and suggested to come on the road with me way back at the beginning of the ‘90s. I immediately loved how he was able to get his message across over the mic whilst still allowing the music to breath.

We literally then spent close to 24 years in each other’s pockets. I will forever cherish that time together.

I can’t actually keep up with the amount of messages I’m receiving which is another testament to the huge impact Connie has had and always will have on so many people’s lives from all corners of the globe.

To his family, my thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult times.

Connie, rest in eternal peace, your Words Will Be Heard forever. 🎙️🕊️

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