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Mandidextrous Drops Keep Me High On Ram Records


Following up this summer’s standalone offering ‘Don’t Let It Go‘ ft. Ayah Marar, Mandidextrous is back with a fresh new release on RAM Records.

Mandidextrous got their foot in the door at Ram Records via the EQ50 mentorship, a scheme set up to redress gender imbalance within the drum & bass scene. They’ve since gone on to carve out an international fan base & successful DJ career, playing at huge events such as Let It Roll, Boomtown, plus support from BBC Radio 1 and UKF.

Keep Me High‘ is a high-powered slice of four to the floor D&B, packed with hectic energy, empowering synth stabs, thudding kick drums and crunching waves of percussion.

In a post on their social media back in 2022, Mandidextrous said;

I make music inspired by my early years of Raving and throwing illegal raves. Those memories mean so much to me. My music will always be painted by a picture or memory from my past with an insight into the future

This ethos of inspiration from the past & insight into the future definitely shines through in this latest single.

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