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MC Bassman Answers Allegations


MC Bassman has done an exclusive interview with The Central Club podcast to talk about the allegations made against him back in March 2024.

Since the allegations became public MC Bassman has effectively been cancelled from the drum & bass scene.

Cullan Mais, host of The Central Club podcast, grilled Bassman on his life since being accused of grooming & abuse, his drug use, coping with losing his livelihood after his 35 year career in the rave scene, and the financial costs of trying to clear his name.

Guilty Until Proved Innocent

While the host sits on the fence about wether the allegations are true or false, something only the people directly involved can answer, he does highlight the issues with trial by social media & the stigma of being guilty until proved innocent.

Guilty or innocent crimes such as those alleged against Bassman, which have real world ramifications, really need to be heard in a court room and not trial by mob rule.

The interview rounds out with Mais questioning Bassman about what lessons he’s learnt from his experiences over the past few months & asks him to address the viewing audience with a message

Watch The MC Bassman Interview

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